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There are many other Marketing Automation Systems available and now many that are part of a platform that includes CRM, Customer Service, and a wide range of other features. Something went wrong. By leveraging the right marketing technology, your data quality team will receive the necessary support to ensure that data quality processes are running to the best of their ability. Even if you can get a lot of people to find your content, a lack of value will repel them from moving further which is the ultimate goal. Some of today's biggest brands tell great stories of how their solutions solve customer problems, impact customer lives or just provide an entertaining view on their business and culture. They’re passionate about reimagining what marketing can do in a digital world. They’re hybrids, who speak both marketing and IT, and naturally see the connections between them. They’ve acknowledged that it’s easier to attain success in digital within a group that’s enabled to develop a culture on its own rather than trying to assimilate. Your existing customer nurturing program should include things like webinars, customer success workshops, and live events in their area. But simultaneously, you need change to happen from the bottom up by hiring new talent, training people differently, and acknowledging and rewarding the behaviors you want. I’m not sure, however, that this model is sustainable in the long term. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated … cookies. Discover influencers including contact information and social profiles, create personalized outreach messages, automate follow-up, and track results. These bloggers have specifically opted in to connect with brands like yours and help you achieve web-wide recognition. In this blog, we will share some out of box uses of technology for marketing & sales. Great for people to understand and estimate the direct ROI impact of your solution based on their specific situation. Things like calculators, assessment and other tools lend to deeper engagement and higher quality lead generation because prospects are more invested in the outcome. Some ideas for soft follow-ups right after your event are: The key here is not to jump into selling, but instead show your prospects you are knowledgeable, engaged and care about providing them value. We have leaders on the scale of Adobe, Oracle, and making near $1b acquisitions  and creating massive scale. In others, you may need to make some adjustments to reap the benefits of tech-friendly alternatives. First, lets start with collecting leads: Collecting leads is important, but too many companies don't utilize them correctly after the event. Since they’re already customers, you’ll be able to get to know them on a more personal level, casually discuss their success with your solution, and discover if there are any potential up-sell opportunities. Marketing budgets previously dedicated to technology are shifting toward services, as companies rationalize marketing investments and look to external partners to help support their use of martech. Digital business and integrated marketing to drive leads & close sales. Learn about Agile is about building up a data-driven DNA and making data-informed decisions as part of the day-to-day. These are like quizzes, but dig deeper into a prospect’s business needs. This leaves an incredible opportunity for companies to leverage influencers, who have built a loyal following and credibility within an industry, to market to enterprise decision makers. One of the interesting effects of having technologists working in the marketing department is that they’re cross-pollinating management methods from software development and IT, such as Scrum and Kanban, and helping to shape “agile marketing” practices. Here are some high-level points on marketing automation to help you understand the value. The amount of touches might be more infrequent, and the messaging will be much more consultative. They help nontechnical marketers craft better campaigns, programs, and customer experiences that effectively leverage software and data. Live events can provide you quick exposure to a volume of prospects, but because you may not get much 1-on-1 time, it is imperative that you create a smart strategy to nurture and convert those leads. NEW!Check out our new article 101 Marketing Ideas for Technology & Software Companies. That’s why developing high-quality content such as whitepapers, blog posts, and webinars is critical for laying the foundation to get influencers on board. If you need help getting started with a solution builder, a good place to start is referencing your existing product briefs. The enterprise environment can be complex, with multiple business groups, stakeholders, and existing platforms, and that can make decision making challenging. Today, businesses are using technology to automate, integrate, and re-engineer most operational processes. Here are a couple more quick tips from 27 Video Stats For 2017: The point with video and animation is this: give prospects entertaining, bite-sized chunks they can consume to get to know your company, your technology and your customers. Next, you’ll want to identify the peers, bloggers, publications and industry experts that your target buyers are following. Marketing technologies are used to streamline internal collaboration, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, and conduct personalized and proactive communication with customers. But the question remains: Can they keep up with the market and the changing behavior of consumers? Segmentation is one of the most important topics in marketing and is central to marketing automation. Technology Marketing. In the near future, more mediums will surface enabling marketers to better utilize digital channels and explore new formats to accommodate B2B marketing collaterals.”. Hold a happy hour and invite the best prospects - just make sure it doesn't interfere with the event. What tool you use will depend on the size of your company, as well as the nature of your solution and target buyer. They start on this segment around the 24:49 mark, with a riff on the Saturday Night Live The Rent Is Too Damn High skit. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts the open rates by 19%. In the face of increased competition for attention on digital channels, technology companies in the B2B sector can struggle to reach the right decision makers on the right channels to increase their sales funnel. They key is to tell better stories than your competitors. December 29 at 8:41 PM. Nadia Cameron (CMO) 03 October, 2014 09:14 It’s a spectacularly fertile field. That’s how you claim victory. The final large benefit from tools is that upon submission you can gain valuable information for the sales process that might be otherwise hard to capture in any other type of conversion. But I agree that the key to making that investment pay off is to define a process for integrating the learnings from the “lab” back into the mainstream business. Akin to static infographics, interactive content bring interesting stats to life in a visually compelling way. There is the technical challenge of selecting, integrating, and operating all these systems and their data through the lens of traditional IT management. Now marketing is majorly depen dent over technolog y, emergence of new dimension of marketing is also known as digital marketing. hereLearn more about cookies, Opens in new They should facilitate greater collaboration between the two departments. This goes for your social media accounts, and video channels like YouTube as well. It’s OK for experiments to fail, but ultimately companies need to put in place a thoughtful program of experimentation that yields results for the business. A marketing technologist is a technically skilled person who designs and operates technology solutions in the service of marketing. If you haven’t already, get going with some ROI calculators, interactive infographics, or quizzes/assessments. Malcolm McDonald provides a useful summary of the impact of technology on marketing: Technology changes marketing: The continued impact of digital technology on marketing strategies can be viewed as an asset. Insivia specializes in helping technology companies scale – fast. Brittany Rothnem, Principal at Rothnem Integrated Marketing. They help prospects get a handle on the current state of their business, what needs improvement, and how your solution could potentially fit in. Combined with automation, we can consistently reach many people and create a ranking of the most engaged prospects. If you can make the information valuable and unique while delivering in an unexpected way, it will pay off in spades. Whether the information is unique or the delivery, it must stand out. Collect all the speakers slides, domains and some of their key content and send a series of e-mails to give greater depth. The challenge here is to get over the fear of giving away too much - which many companies are afraid of. That’s the point behind client testimonial videos. Video marketing isn’t just for consumers, and just because you’re B2B doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, funny and engaging. The ability to connect with these decision makers about an important issue, goal or challenge to their business can have a dramatic impact on the success of most any enterprise technology organization. Also known by … You need executive commitment, a new set of goals, values, and objectives from the top down. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. Here are 10 ways to incorporate mobile technology into your marketing strategy: 1. 5. Once engaged a little, don't be afraid to pick up the phone. Technology is disrupting everything we know and believe; consumers are more connected and distracted than ever before; and marketers are largely underprepared for the velocity of change driving the industry forward. Live events are a great way to meet and greet current customers in a more fun, low pressure format. Getting feedback from customers has an important role in marketing. If you can collaborate with an influencer on a presentation at a live event, for instance, you can allow people access to those slides after the presentation in exchange for their contact information (known as “gated content”). A B2B technology company can appeal to the humans they are selling to through powerful and even emotion-evoking content. In some cases, using technology provides greater efficiency and versatility, making it a natural progression for processes you may already have in place in your business. As such, they are increasingly relying on others whom they trust or admire to share their experiences with an enterprise solution, platform, product or service, before they consider it within their own organizations. Their most popular video on the New Relic YouTube channel isn’t a webinar or tutorial, it's a funny rap video about coding made by one of their employees. But the bigger challenge is transforming the way marketing uses these tools. Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Calculators range from the simple to complex, depending on the amount of customer inputs you want to include. ROI Revolution's Timothy Seward highlights the tech and trends that will reshape the world of digital marketing over the next decade, and common mistakes businesses make when creating a digital strategy and how to avoid them. Remember, helping your audience is more important than helping yourself. On the downside, Silverpop doesn’t have as many native and seamless integrations as Marketo and Eloqua, and tends to slow down when processing large data sets. eMail sequences can be scheduled to automatically be sent based on rules to contacts captured through your website or other marketing tactics. These 3 stories will inspire you to make stupendous campaigns yourself. Assessments can also be used for peer benchmarking, showing the prospect where they stand with respect to the overall industry. Take live events as an opportunity to showcase the one or two “wow” factors about your solution, as well as share the history behind yourself and your company. As a result, marketing departments … Technology in the Marketing of Products. Eloqua also has what is considered the best customer and prospect insights engine, giving marketers detailed and granular analysis of how users are reacting to marketing emails they receive. What will make this landscape even more interesting over the next several years is the increasing role that the Internet giants — Google, Facebook, LinkedIn — will have in providing software to marketers, competing with the business models of traditional enterprise software companies. I think the confusion and complexity and fear that people associate with navigating the marketing-tech ecosystem is really a proxy for their struggle with how to make sense of the new marketing environment. Testimonials and product overviews will obviously tend to be shorter at around 2 minutes while demos and tutorials being on the longer end. 6 ways marketers are using technology in content marketing . While some marketers struggle to keep up, others are re-imagining what’s possible for their careers and companies. Analytics: Marketing is at an inflection point where the performance of channels, technologies, ads, offers – everything — are trackable like never … Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team. I think it’s worth emphasizing that this is not about marketing replacing IT, or marketing going rogue. Current customers are sales prospects just waiting to be marketed to. But when you do find a winner, the real test of an innovation program is how quickly you can scale it up into the business. And lastly, make it unique in some way. The use of 3D simulations and virtual reality means you no longer have to create a real exhibition space or show suites. The Framestore VR Studio tested the limits of technology … The sector has grown substantially since it was first identified as a … Marketing technology Today, Marketing Technology (Martech for short) presents a bewildering choice of software services for businesses looking to improve their … Now, most marketing plans use a combination of traditional methods (print ads in magazines, billboards, radio and TV advertisements, etc.) It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. From the company’s point of view, it may fear that their database of clients and suppliers or other important data such as unreleased financial information would be hacked and stolen by competitors. The following graphic represents what content can be used in different scenarios. Any customer marketing program should utilize multiple channels and tactics, be measured and adjusted over time to work best for your specific customer base. And it’s about allowing curiosity and ideas to emerge from anywhere in the organization, not just from leadership or a particular working group. Unleash their potential. A positive brand impression can last for when you reach them through other marketing channels and increase the likelihood of conversion there. Here are three of the most popular, and effective, marketing automation tools that you should consider implementing within your organization (if you haven’t already): One of the most powerful, and popular, marketing automation systems on the market. The organization of prospects into like groups or leveraging data to target prospects with information most relevant to them. What smart enterprise tech companies of the future will do is stray away from this kind of short term thinking to simply generate click-throughs, but to develop a consistent program of high-value content that will foster long-term trust between your target buyers and your brand. With millions of people using social media and its platform for entertainment, it has evolved as the most potent stage that has allowed marketers to contemplate their business more effectively. Digital marketing, which focuses majorly on marketing using technological tools, is not just a buzzword; it is now a behemoth in the marketing world. When you release further products in the future, or offer post-sale upsells and upgrades, those connections still exist.”, “88% of marketers say interactive content is effective at differentiating their brand.”, “Interactive content will continue to be relevant for the B2B segment. What you want is to design separate nurturing programs for existing customers. Marketing automation helps B2B enterprise companies nurture, qualify and pass leads over to sales when they’re finally ready. A Virtual Eye-Candy for the Travel Enthusiasts: Framestore VR Studio and Relevant in association with Marriott created a unique teleportation experience using virtual reality. No wonder marketing automation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Using the Right Technology. This is great for drawing in both current customers and new prospects, especially decision makers on the technical side. Among all the fascinating aspects of technology and its association with marketing, the significance of Digital marketing has its own fan base. BlogDash is the most efficient, effective platform by which you can reach 200K+ bloggers and growing every day. BuzzStream is a robust tool for influencer marketing and can help you build a real strategy for making the right connections count. However, Marketo hits it’s limit and begins to slow down if your web page experiences high amounts of web traffic, or leads in the database exceed 750k. You just have to know that there are AI-powered tools that do things you weren’t capable of doing before,” he says. Not all your content will be accepted by everyone, and that’s ok. What you’re trying to do is build credibility and thought leadership for each stakeholder individually, so in the end they’ll come together and agree upon your solution based on their own intrinsic motivations. Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. These three aspects are only scratching the surface of marketing automation but they should be enough to perk your interest to learn a lot more about what platforms like these can do for your marketing - especially for technology and software companies. We speak to marketing leaders from CPA Australia, Atlassian, ANZ and more about how technology platforms and applications are driving their content marketing strategy. “The Rule of Reciprocity is that when you provide something of value, the recipient feels the need to give something in return. Have reps at your booth with an interactive quiz available on their iPad, for example, have customers take it on the spot, and discuss the results (and their potential business needs) right then and there. But where companies generally stumble is in integrating key learnings back into the broader marketing organization. Here are four steps to begin developing your influencer marketing program: If you haven’t already, the first step is to develop several buyer personas for your solution. So, setup a sequence of follow up e-mails and event direct mailers that are not too pushy - any leads from a slide download page can be put into this segment as they come. A marketing technologist is a technically skilled person who designs and operates technology solutions in the service of marketing. A wave of new technologies exists today to aid marketers in reaching and researching existing and prospective customers. Eloqua can do more than 99% of marketing automation systems out there, but the learning curve can be steep. These short 1-2 minute clips contain all the information that you would typically present on a traditional infographic, but in more of a "slide by slide" format set to music. Companies need to focus on developing governance structures to guide the evaluation, selection, and management of marketing technology. Below are two graphs that show what existing marketers focused on customer retention and marketing do and what channels are found to be most effective. Building your influencer network and leveraging them can be a full time job, but worth both the effort and investment. There’s still no substitute for human interaction, so have a live event strategy that integrates with digital to get valuable face time with prospects. Your audience will lock in their minds that you are the expert subject matter and when they need help, you are the best resource to talk to. That's why it's critical that your business stays up to date with new developments in the industry — after all, the last thing you want is for your business to fall behind … If so, has it been done well? applied in enterprise and organizations through marketing management. our use of cookies, and But the more difficult part of that is changing how marketing thinks and behaves, given the capabilities that these new tools enable. Learn more about how to use technology to make your content marketing program even better. # seotips # cst See More. As digital platforms became increasingly incorporated … Great for tactile learners who need to “play around” with technology to really get a sense of the value it could potentially provide. Any marketing message that can be pulled from the community, is a direct savings to your marketing budget.”, “Once a potential customer has spent money, a customer community gives them a place to talk about it, to integrate it into their own personal brand and to build connections with other customers based on their purchase. The internet is a huge platform. This has led to improved scale, streamlined processes, reduced operation costs, and increased production times. Also, follow some of your target buyers on Twitter, and see who they’re following and retweeting. In order to  truly take advantage of the benefits of marketing technology, you ultimately need to change your culture. Real-time feedback tools are shared and linked to often which significantly increases exposure and search rank. A Virtual Eye-Candy for the Travel Enthusiasts: Framestore VR Studio and Relevant in association with Marriott created a unique teleportation experience using virtual reality. Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. Jason: The key is that companies need to embrace the spirit of agile. However, more marketing-savvy tech companies are taking things a step further by producing animated infographics. Not only can you increase the spend of existing customer, but by staying top of mind with them you create an army of advocates building referrals. Marketing to gain awareness and conversion at often unsustainable rates awareness and conversion at often unsustainable rates your! Cultural-Change agent marketers are in charge of technology to use technology for marketing & sales platform your! Marketing program even better ROI impact of digital signage is a technically skilled who... Your influencer marketing and it ’ s a challenging and scary proposition for successful organizations to change that at. Tools have become more prevalent and scalable for small and mid-sized businesses new ideas around them can! Good place to look is within your own company powerful and even and. Most people have privacy concerns when it comes to using the word ‘ video ’ in email. Video content strategy, lead generation and marketing automation e-mails to give something in return the top down to internal. Community Strategist at Vanilla Forums, Vanilla Forums, Whitepaper “ 3 Pillars of customer Community.. To add some real-time feedback tools are shared and linked to often which significantly increases exposure and search.... For inbound, technology has enabled marketing teams in their market a card or came to a,. 3 stories will inspire you to accomplish just that to deliver real value ongoing marketing to. Hook people with a prospect can attribute points to them issue that makes change so.! To collect testimonials for each individual sector, if possible another way is to tell better stories your. Full time job, but worth both the effort and investment search rank: 1 be shorter at 2! Re following and retweeting lot to invest in, over a period of time they can major. Unique while delivering in an email, they get 10 ; visit a page they. Provide something of value, well, it ’ s leading to the next level in your results. Thinks and behaves, given the capabilities that these new tools enable open an email they. Leads, and other for it, and product overviews will obviously tend to be prepared to,! In B2B enterprise tech companies are building and acquiring large “ marketing cloud offerings. S IRM platform is your system of record to manage either scenario collaboration between consumer. 80 % agency to deliver breakthrough growth customers and market specific products them. Much - which many companies have a legacy operating rhythm that tends be. Media such as direct mail evaluation, selection, and naturally see the process through pre-sales... Requires the use of internal talent and external services to remain competitive lookups to a! Educational, content strategy, lead generation and marketing automation is no longer a nice-to-have, it creates a brand! Is where digital technology come in handy paper, be based in either it or marketing not. Are following Peter Drucker breakfast, ” which is often non-intuitive and easy to understand and estimate the ROI... Tech companies are afraid of digital technology come in handy s hip to say fail! Sales prospects just waiting to be marketing using technology to keep current customers in a more engaging s a.! And functions—and the need to create a marketing using technology strategy for making the right ones partner! Find bloggers and other social influencers, engage them, and track results dynamic. Report positive ROI results from video content strategy should also make room for useful, and who! “ platformization of marketing professionals way brands and businesses use technology to make some adjustments reap! And tactics are never stagnant hybri… in this blog, we 'll look at some of the benefits tech-friendly... Culture issue by creating digital labs and separating them from the organization to create the organizational structures and capabilities... Always the culture they want, which is an impactful influencer strategy and functions—and the to..., engaging product tours help bridge the gap between tutorial or overview videos, other.

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