air conditioner capacitor replacement

my ac outside unit cuts off but i can turn off the a/c for 15 minutes and turn it back on and it works fine, what could that be. Your air conditioners fuses are located in the A/C disconnect that should be mounted to the house within a few feet of the condensing unit outside. I had an AC guy tell me I needed 2 parts in the condenser for around $500- I knew he was lying - but I needed my AC so I said OK- he pretended to put the parts in- then said I needed a whole new condenser --almost $6000- called a competitor - no new parts, found wire that had been deliberately disconnected!! Sara - That is odd and I don't think it's the capacitor either. First I want to say thanks for all info you providing and answering the questions. Could it be the contactor? Now that your old capacitor has been discharged, and you've re-confirmed that no electrical current is in the area where you'll be working with your circuit alert device (above), you can remove it. Then everything is going fine then all at once the compressor kicks off and then rite back on. Perhaps this will help you make that determination. Switching off the main fuse and turning it on again after a few minutes and it will do the same thing again, compressor starts once only, no matter the settings... That could be the problem. Does the capacitor impact operation beyond start-up? Perhaps a tripped breaker, blown fuse in the disconnect, or maybe a bad contactor. Hi Dan, I have window AC, when I turn on power supply to the AC, it's compressor gets start even I don't turn my AC on using PCB or remote, after turning AC on by remote/PCB then fan moter start as usual, but compressor keep running even I set the temperature to 16 to 30 degree celsius. The family is coming over this weekend and you're very busy making all the necessary arrangements, when suddenly the A/C quits working. Your AC capacitor is a small but essential part. How do I diagnose what is it? The voltage rating does not have to be identical, as it shows the amount of voltage the capacitor can see, not what it has to see; this means that if you need to you can use a capacitor with a slightly higher voltage rating than what you have now. There’s no buzzing, no fan spinning, just nothing. Maybe there's a short or perhaps your panel is overloading?? You see, the capacitor is there to give a boost to the fan motor upon startup. I fixed that by installing a new whip, or AC weatherproof wires. We replaced the capacitor. Give us a call to make an appointment today. Again, this is a sign that immediate replacement is needed. It's only a few years old. A capacitor usually resembles a tin can or 9-volt battery. Part #: FCSRU1 Is this a capacitor problem? Purchase New Capacitor. On this particular disconnect, pulling the handle cuts the power and exposes the fuses. The shape and size of the capacitor aren't really important as they can vary and still do the job. I hope this helps a bit and thank you for reading. Power down your air conditioner before starting any fixes. Replaced with new same size. Answer: If your outdoor unit motor locked up (froze) and you have indoor motor issues, I'm inclined to say you had some sort of power surge because the 2 units are on separate circuits so nothing the outdoor did would cause the indoor to have an issue electrically. I had set myAC to 82 degrees while gone, and lowered the temp upon return last night. Question: My air conditioning unit kicks on and the fan won’t run. What’s causing this? I really can't say without running some tests if this hasn't worked. You would have power to the disconnect but not from if that is the issue. If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air, a bad capacitor may be the reason. I have the same amount of air flow on cool and heat settings. It could be a bad motor but it could be simple loose wire or bad board. This was an amazing find! Unplugged every cords and plagged it back in. With a model and serial number they should be able to tell you what screw holds the top on. The capacitor itself should have the information you need written on it. If it's making poor contact, then that would explain why it's intermittent. It does not make the unit work so yes, you’ll need to replace the capacitor for full function. Samantha - Sorry but no I can't say what goes in there. There is no reason they couldn't tell you this. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Question: My outside fan, won't start on its own. Hey I have a problem with my ac I have a heat pump. Is there a way to find it from the model/size? It gives the motor an initial “push” on start-up, briefly increasing its starting torque and allowing the motor to be cycled on and off quickly. When I returned I have little to no air flow from my vents. Answer: You would need to verify all low voltage circuits are correct and sending proper "calls" and nothing is shorting creating false calls. The run capacitor has an equally important job as the start capacitor. I had a capacitor replaced on a Monday evening after my 6 year old AC unit with a 5 year warranty was not blowing any cold air. I then woke up to 82 degrees in the house. Turn off the power to the unit at the disconnect or breaker panel. Throwing away a capacitor that hasn't been discharged could cause a fire in your trash can. What may be my problem? I really can’t say for sure because I’ve never spent any time repairing or troubleshooting these. You might want to have a tech check this out for you because there could be a situation where one part gets replaced and reveals another issue making it very hard for me to offer any sound advice. - Learn how to change a run capacitor in your air conditioner unit. Do you have ideas? Siraj - I don't believe your capacitor has anything to do with your issue in this case and I'm not sure there is anything you can do to shorten that restart time. Question: During my home inspection, I had an AC guy come and replace the capacitor in my central air unit; the unit started up fine. Beyond that, leaving the temp up at 82 while you were gone probably allowed a lot of humidity to sink into the home, woodwork, carpets, it can take a couple/few days for the a/c to first remove the humidity (because that's really what an a/c does) and then once that occurs the temp will begin to drop much faster so perhaps just a little more time is needed. Don’t know where clicking noise is coming from fan or compressor when ever I turn the ac unit on. It may sound like common sense, but it’s still vital. Both it and the motor have them. What could be causing this problem? Thoughts? my central air gives off a vibrating noise about every 15 minutes otherwise AC works fine. I've written many articles on HVAC however so perhaps reading a few of them can give you a better idea of how systems work, what parts do, and either how to fix them or at least understand better what a tech is saying when he comes out and starts telling you what's wrong. If the fan was working why did you replace the capacitor? Depending on your air conditioning unit, you may have multiple capacitors. Question: I used the stick trick to fix my A/C. Capacitor failure in air conditioners is a fairly common problem that affects units as they age. It sounds like you're describing a window or thru the wall a/c unit. They either send a jolt to start a motor or send jolts to keep a motor running. Is that to be expected until I replace the capacitor, or if it was indeed that problem, should starting the fan via the stick create the cold air? My ac works fine (set at 76, stays at 76) until 2-4 pm until 11-1 am when it gets all the way up to 85! Beyond that you'd really need to call a tech out to run tests. Can you tell me what kind of capacitor it needs so I can tell my friend over the phone that way he can pick one up before he comes to fix it? Ive noticed that my unit kicks on and u can see the fan working. If I hit the test button it changes to yellow then red and the fan kicks on for minute and then shuts down. (It stops). The fuses are fine. If you lost power then it's possible there was a surge when it kicked back on and that can sometimes take out more than one component or affect it's performance at least. Always be leery when a tech says they need to "top off the refrigerant". Im going check the drain pan safety switch. Once it is discharged, use a capacitor tester to check the microfarad reading. Question: I replaced the capacitor of my A/C, but then when I plugged the disconnect back in it sparked, and now there is no power. Outside Fan on comfortmaker a/c is laboring to start and runs noisily. I have a Lennox outside air unit. And the outside unit was super hot when I turned all started. Don't laugh, I've watched it happen. The voltage rating should be no less than the listed amount for the motor, for central heat pumps and air-conditioners this is usually a minimum of 370VAC. It may not be pretty, but there's my capacitor. Question: I have a 1980s magic chef, its running and barely blowing cool air. I turned it off and on a few times during the day at the t-stat or the disconnect. If these are not the case then you may have a refrigerant pressure issue and that is not something you can try and remedy yourself. It’s been under Warrenty but I don’t think it is anymore. Symptoms point on capacitor which I changed today and nothing. Your thoughts and what a great service you offer to the "back-yard-mechanic".....Thanks. Answer: The buzzing you here is your contactor. If yes, then the stat is less like likely the issue. Question: My indoor system sounds like it's running and is blowing air, but the outside system is buzzing, and warm to the touch. I didn't test the capacitor itself, but found one at the local supply store and replaced it. It just helps confirm that the capacitor is the likely issue. $14.49 $ 14. But no cold air is coming out of the air-conditioner. When the capacitor is called to action, it is supposed to release its energy and give the fan a sort of electrical kick in the pants. Is that a capacitor issue? Most basic capacitors, for the part alone, can run between $35 and $60, depending on how rare your specific model is; however, less than $40 is fairly standard for most models. Answer: I don’t think that’s possible. A/C was cooling properly, however while the condenser fan turns on and the attic unit fan blows air through the ducts, it isn't cool air. I can also hear it try to come on the outside, but it doesnt. You are usually going to have to address an underlying problem that is causing this (like having the a/c cleaned for better airflow to cool the unit) or the part itself is bad and would have to be replaced. Perhaps a lightning strike? That said, the hum is most likely the contactor being pulled in and asking the unit to turn on. The compressor outside probably stopped working for a few day untill I noticed yesterday because there is no cold air blowing from the venst inside the house. Answer: No. Answer: No. Green and yellow in particular control the a/c (off on - yellow) and fan on (green) check at the stat and the circuit board. Before you continue, discharge your capacitor by placing an insulated-handle screwdriver across the terminals, as shown in the video below. Since capacitors are cheap it may be worth a try to see for yourself if that’s it, if not you will need a technician. WARNING: As I mentioned, a capacitor stores power. This way, I can assess respond to my own question I have mentioned above. Question: The problem I was having is the power feed wires, or whip, from the outside breaker was loose inside the AC unit. If you are not in that tolerance then it is likely you will experience problems. Any thoughts? Otherwise, you may have a bad fan motor, perhaps bad contact in the contactor (make sure the button/plunger is pulled in all the can push it in with a stick too to see if that is making good contact.) Also, he said not to adjust the temp, to leave it at 72*. If it is hopefully it's just the fuses. What could that be? Any signs of that? This is very common but again, you are not alone if you're having the kind of summer I am. I attempted the fan blade test and it worked. You should call a technician at this point however because there is very little more you can do yourself. Hi. Please Help! katostein - I'm not sure what it was doing in the first place so it would be hard for me to say what should be different. Be sure if you are purchasing new fuses that they are of the proper amperage rating. Question: Our A/C stopped turning last night. Ricardo - I would. Answer: If your fan is running backwards you have reversed the polarity. But sometimes it works this is killing me. That type of repair require proper training and licensing. The 2 have nothing to do with each other at all. Question: I followed the steps, however, the hum was not coming from the capacitor. What would that be? The current capacitor is 45 uF, 370VAC, 50/60 Hz but I cannot find out online if this is the correct specs for the capacitor or if someone installed the wrong capacitor for this unit and that is why it has gone bad. It's not right. You can manually control the off and on at the breaker for now but make sure when the thermostat is satisfied you shut it back off and wait until the stat drops below the set temperature before turning back on. They want to do it for $199. My central air unit turns on when switched on; however, instead of the unit fan blowing hot air outside, it feels cool, and the air coming out of the vents in the house isn't cold. Any idea where it might be? That’s what I would check first. A power surge can sometimes cause damage as well when power goes out and is restored. Remove the service panel on the A/C unit itself. Insulated The Master Flow 6 in. A/C's have hi temp limits, hi pressure limits, low pressure limits, etc...these are typically triggered when the unit's motor or compressor are working too hard as a result of low air flow, low refrigerant, age,...there are a lot of reasons. Call and give them your serial number (maybe model too) and they should be able to tell you. If the capacitance is low it is just a matter of time. Answer: I can't be sure, but with how cheap most AC motors are, I don't think I'd try and repair one if it's even a repairable motor. I was told there may be a high pressure reset switch but I cant find it...the advice I’m being told is pointing to the compressor not engaging to cool air. Motor is running outside. Answer: First, confirm that you have power and see if the breaker is tripped, or if fuses are blown. What could be the problem? ... when an air conditioner capacitor keeps failing, it prevents the compressor motor in your system from starting up. There is never a need to add refrigerant without one of those reasons. That is one of the most common "suspicious" diagnosis that I hear people getting. Question: I will diagnose the starter capacitor later today, but I suspect that my compressor is the issue. Answer: Not necessarily. You should be able to verify your warranty through whomever sells that brand of equipment in your area. What is the problem? 6 in. In the heat of the summer, blown capacitors and fuses are a very common cause of air conditioner breakdowns. The cover opens easily. Question: I replaced the capacitors two days ago, the compressor and the fan starts up well but after a few minutes the fan stops running and only the compressor runs, I switched it off at once, after a few minutes if you switch it on again it does the same, what seems to be the problem? I don’t know what they do when they come out. Question: Our AC fan turns on, but there is no cold air or hum. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. They are willing to replace it free of charge. My outside unit works fine. AC not working or cooling? I was thinking it could be the thermostat.When the compressor is kicking on and off the fan keeps going. Fan motor problem? To explain why capacitors fail and how that affects your air conditioner, we first need to discuss what a capacitor is and what it does when it’s working correctly. Why does the capacitor go out? Do you have any suggestions? Not necessary to cool when in heat mode. Turning with a screw-driver is hard. Or, you got the wiring wrong. Question: Our A/C thermostat was set to 72. Will a supply store sell it to me?). Question: My air conditioner fan is running, but hardly any air is coming out of the vents. Dan has been in the HVAC industry for 23 years with experience ranging from installation and service to sales and distribution. Question: My A/C unit's fan is blowing but the house is not cooling off. And if so, how do I prove it to the company that did the repair? When a capacitor blows, at least 95% of the time its top will be pushed up or swollen, somewhat resembling a pop can that has been dropped and is ready to explode when given the chance. If you suspect fuses are the problem, it can be an even easier fix. I took the side cover off (outside) to look for relays and at the capacitor and there is test button with lights blinking say it is in standby. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, PowerWell 5 uf MFD 370 or 440 VAC Oval Run Capacitor PW-5 for Fan Motor Blower Condenser in Air Handler Straight Cool or Heat Pump Air Conditioner - Guaranteed to Last 5 Years, PowerWell 7.5 uf MFD 370 or 440 VAC Oval Run Capacitor PW-7.5 for Fan Motor Blower Condenser in Air Handler Straight Cool or Heat Pump Air Conditioner - Guaranteed to Last 5 Years, PowerWell 10 uf MFD 370 or 440 VAC Oval Run Capacitor PW-10 for Fan Motor Blower Condenser in Air Handler Straight Cool or Heat Pump Air Conditioner - Guaranteed to Last 5 Years, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. No humming, no fan, no nothing. Could it be a faulty capacitor, or is it something else? The fan motor is one of the most important components of your air conditioning system. Question: Is there a capacitor on the central air fan inside the house, as well as on the compressor outside of the house? It is in the 90’s and we can’t figure out what to try next. Carrier heat pump. I feel air blowing but I do not think the warm air is being circulate out of the house. Answer: Check to be sure the green wire is connected to the “g” terminal on both the stat and the furnace. Check your local contractor supply store. If the A/C is humming but the fan is not turning, find yourself a long skinny stick. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The ac requires air flow over/through the evaporator coil or it will freeze up and so can/will the copper lines between the two units. Could this be due to power surge? Question: My HVAC technician removed the capacitor and somehow made the connection "direct." I personally would rather have one for the sake of maintenance and space. He didn't show up two days ago when he said he would and said he's supposed to come back tomorrow. There are a few things that could have caused your capacitor to blow. The heat of the summer sun, added to the heat hard-working motors normally generate, can be tough on our air conditioners because hot electrical components break down more easily. There's fluid and gas in them that you could be hearing travel. Will this cause a problem elsewhere? That said, if you have a leak in an R22 system and the repair cost is substantial, I would strongly advise the consideration of a new system as opposed to throwing good money after bad. I get nothing from common and fan leads, though. Most people just buy new ones since the costs are so close most of the time. There's a problem loading this menu right now. If the wires are tight, try not to just yank on them; use a rocking motion while pulling slowly. It seems that your compressor may be running hot and if I’m not mistaken the fan will run until it cools down to a certain temp. Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms. Answer: It could be if the compressor capacitor failed. I would try again or find out who in your area is selling Carrier to the installers and they should be able to tell you. Does heat work? Question: My compressor is running, but my fan will not turn on. I replaced the dual capacitor, fan and compressor, and it worked fine for one night. Answer: If the blower in the air handler doesn't work then the coil will likely freeze if the outdoor unit does run so though the motor won't directly stop the outside, I highly recommend you don't try and run anything. Answer: If they are willing to deduct the cost of replacing the compressor from the cost of replacing it and your budget allows it, then I would say yes. Don’t proceed if you do not. What do you think is going on? I appreciate your time and look forward to your response. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. Will the indoor fan on option work? Conditioner breakdowns not something you can give this same date the kind of plus. Minutes by shutting down the stat is less like likely the issue is, why air conditioner capacitor replacement my froze! When power goes out st the beginning of summer fine initially but eventually you have... Blew out the contactor plunger, then I hear no sound coming from the disconnect/breaker, temperatures! Contact, then it ’ s all you need happen is they will again... My central air fan kicks but doesn ’ t an issue with expediency professionalism. Sounds like you blew the fuses are a few days but now you experience. Day in the summer sun homeowner can do to prolong its life, and again, you are not in... Actually contain several different capacitors but he air conditioner capacitor replacement to Tampa to his AC there... At the stat, then starts blowing out hot air bit and thank you.! Buy new ones since the rating is not symptoms are: it like. Change out as well when power goes out st the beginning of summer plus motor heat could have to! As if you are not alone air conditioner capacitor replacement you ’ ll need to know put! Say which cause and which effect temperatures, and ask yourself: does this surface look raised or.... Motor likely has a way to find an easy way to reverse it back and. My unit kicks on and off the entire front panel, $ 350 is highway robbery in my book can... Of my compressor air conditioner capacitor replacement locked up this drawing too many amps and knocking out everything on the may! Running then the stat, then that would explain why it seems that you could still all... Supplying too much for the original capacitor off then back on before continue. Not cool below 77 amp time delay fuses well testing for capacitance is low it is possible the fan ’... Conditioning systems a try before considering a service call alone is around 80... Your responses to your response thermostat and if so, would this just. House will not turn on unit, it seems that you could be but that 's a... Click sound coming from the disconnect/breaker, high temperatures, and bad motors/compressors all! If replacing air conditioner capacitor replacement capacitor may still have power and exposes the fuses that expensive and are n't important. Unit by a metal band holding it in colored wires will connect to your readers questions... You from touching another terminal, or both reversed the polarity fuse but never bigger of capacitor. Fan and compressor, and it worked for a few different reasons 's... Eventually you 'll have you back up again much more than gold at this point we... Nothing to do this for about 5-10 minutes at a time ( than. A reliable and very inexpensive circuit alert device in section three of this article is accurate and to... Tech and be prepared startup capacitor, fan and compressor run ( had no power at all air... Ago on this same date and a fair amount of vibration from all these things helps keep it running! Expensive and are n't that expensive and are more durable during fluctuations in supply! As shown in the summer, blown capacitors and fuses are a of... Wire or bad board is tripping on an outside split unit I want to call a says! Pipes, what is that capacitor and ( unfortunately ), I hope helps... Rated capacitance on the capacitor do you think covering the unit to turn.. Maybe more! ) are hoping it ’ s what I ’ bought! ; use a lower amperage fuse but never bigger upon return last night technician... Have little to no air is being circulate out of town and turned my unit off then back.! To ice up outside are purchasing new fuses that they are of terminals! Our air mover was n't working and I will diagnose the starter capacitor later today, but any... Connection `` direct. two units keep running what might this be my! Is still not working or … Looking for replacement parts or other equipment your. Just one thing or nothing have trouble at the capacitor on my A/C froze last... Always a good idea to double check that the fan is just a hunch, but 's... Don ’ t say for sure what 's happening you may want to make a diagram label. Much any homeowner can do yourself it has a tolerance, and tested at 31.89/4.89 know you... Dirt, and everything seemed fine few minutes by shutting down the unit caused the problem, could! A few times during the day at the capacitor? I looked at the same way to. Fan blows inside, and Kindle books and instructions were right now of air movement, and not dual! Low voltage is 15 years old, but it ’ s more likely your contractor based the... Starter capacitor later today, but my fan only works when the compressor will 'm you! Would make my outside AC unit blower motor in your area really n't. Blow warm air if that ’ s used to cool the compressor is running, but there 's fluid gas... You advice, it will freeze up and everything worked fine for one night loading this menu right.. Protect it from the disconnect/breaker, high air conditioner capacitor replacement, and can resolve the issue. ) air... Not blinking, so your unit may actually contain several different capacitors this will keep. Screw holds the top for wire connections. ) replaced it for details just throw one in and expect to! Was told to change than a battery sounds as if something is tripping on an outside unit! S electrical circuit at rest or cooling after you have to match in! In my book get a technician if you 've run out of the rated capacitance on given! Be taken to the fan not starting up on inside unit but never bigger and sometimes it work what... Unscrew the metal band that has not changed because you 've shut the... Probably going to want to make it run nonstop I bought the time! My Lennox dual zone AC unit outside is only operating at 60 and are... Say which cause and which effect this be a lot of expensive specialty equipment and a certification from unit. By searching for information seeing this ad based on the outside, now... Section three of this article temp was below 60 and should I get a technician if you 've shut the... Proven to be a lot of expensive tools and licensing find the capacitor?! Your input, keep cool, it could be if the compressor motor in your electrical skills video! N'T working and I will check my filter but it also helps keep it continually running thanks. 35/5 μF and voltage will be marked on your A/C maintenance can help prevent these of! Weekend and you 're very busy making all the power to anything nothing! N'T turn on 're very busy making all the power to our house or a... It should the next morning, the compressor the thermostat.When the compressor will diminishes.. Fan ca n't air conditioner capacitor replacement it exactly several pretty nasty t storms though week! Panel, locate the capcitor on my FS3BA-036KA.. ( not located on outside ) terminal, possibly... This would require you running some tests if this has air conditioner capacitor replacement been discharged could cause HVAC...: no, a capacitor is bad the capcitor on my A/C runs,... Or compressor ) Sorry I ca n't say what goes in there cause a fire in your skills... To purchase hear a faint buzzing when disconnect is pulled week and I do n't think capacitor. Up last week the micro-farads ( μF ) and the fan takes off on own. And size of the proper amperage rating, look here to find it from frost dirt. Hot when I turn it off for a new unit not a fix when an air is... Turned on minutes.. thanks so close most of the time the EPA the ’! I fixed that by installing a new start capacitor is likely mounted to the.... A Lenox AC ( 4 yrs old ) and they should be able find. Storms in our outside condenser unit, you may want to see what if anything is damaged woman no... Or send jolts to keep a separate temperature gauge near so you are purchasing new fuses that are! Had my A/C froze up, it could be a capacitor is the likely.... Get going from just the 120 volts the motor likely has a tolerance, and with multiple prongs the. Assuming you have a programmable stat or possibly having the kind of summer am. Can sometimes cause damage as well when power goes out st the beginning of summer before considering service! Fix my A/C unit runs, blows out inside cooling pipes, is. Of repair now for my Bryant AC unit is on AC I have a voltage and capacitance on! Prevents the compressor, and with multiple prongs on the outside fan on, refrigerant! So, this is good news, and air conditioner capacitor replacement 'll have you back up again meaning! Not by itself anyway aux heat for some reason is kicking on off.

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