whole wheat and spelt sourdough bread

This Troubleshooting Post may help you identify your issues. 100g? Sourdough is often described as a journey. If I wanted to make two loaves could I safely double the recipe then cut the dough before the first shape & bench rest? Remove the lid, and bake for another 5 minutes or so, until the loaf is nicely golden; a digital thermometer inserted into the center of the loaf should read 190°F. These whole grain sourdough pita come as close as any I have tried to date. Place the dough into an oiled bowl and turn it so oil coats the top of the dough. I would do the same temperature, and I would bake it covered for the same amount of time (30 minutes); then bake it uncovered for longer — you’ll have to use your judgment. Have a look at our sourdough bread for beginners recipe that contains a lot of details for the different steps used here. I do think doing the second rise in the fridge is important especially if you want to achieve a light crumb. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful recipe! I use a toaster at breakfast for slices of bread, and I reheat half or quarter loaves in the oven at 350ºF for 15 to 20 minutes when serving for dinner. I only did one shaping; then stuck it back in the fridge. Stone-milled flour, contrary to roller-milled flour, is flour made from wheat that passes through a stone mill, the process of which keeps the endosperm, bran, and germ together. It worked just fine, but I like using more starter, mostly because I like using my starter — I try to keep my starter on the lean side, but even so, when I feed it, I always have more than 100 g of starter, and I like to use most of it when I bake as opposed to storing it, after which time it may get discarded. The loaves tasted great, but very flat shape. White flour is made from the endosperm. I think bake time should be: covered for 30 minutes (so, the same); then uncovered for probably 25 minutes or so…just keep an eye on it and bake it till it’s browned to your liking. Can I just use this recipe for all 4? Transfer dough to flour sack-lined, rice flour-sprinkled bowl: Transfer bowl to fridge to proof (second rise) for 18 to 24 hours. More Bread Recipes. For me, 75% hydration is about as high as I can go with sourdough without the dough becoming unmanageable (though recently I’ve experimented with high hydration doughs and am having some success). Two of the most frequently asked questions I receive about sourdough bread baking are: If you are unfamiliar with sourdough baking, these two questions relate to two distinct phases of fermentation: One thing I have learned through troubleshooting with various people is that it’s very hard to put a timeline on these two phases. I proofed this in the fridge for about 12 hours; then let rise at room temperature for roughly 5-6 hours before baking at 400ºF for about 40 minutes. I’m wondering if I can double this recipe to make a larger boule in a bigger Dutch oven. What is the highest amount of freshly milled wheat flour do you recommend for this? For someone baking in humid Hawaii, it may take 6 hours (or less! freshly milled, stone-milled flours offer so much flavor. is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. I believe the spelt flour costs $10 for the same bag. A W E S O M E as well, but I’m sure you already know that, haha! 1) Why does your bread use such little starter (100g) compared to KAF recipe(227g) per loaf? Standard sourdough recipes often call for 500g of flour per loaf. I’ve tried what certainly feels like every sourdough recipe known to Google and this is by far the best – I’m almost embarrassed by how outrageously complimentary people are, even those who do not usually eat bread. After 30 minutes,  stretch and fold the dough: Repeat this 4 times at 30 minute intervals, then let the dough rest for 6 to 18 hours or until the dough has nearly doubled and there are bubbles throughout. Whole Wheat. And also, because it spent all night in the fridge, do I need to do the second rise in the fridge? You deserve many more than 5 stars for this one! If you have the time, could you please answer a few questions, as I imagine your are familiar with KAF’s recipe and process. Thanksgiving week I made 6 loaves – for us, neighbors and family! 95 ($1.25/Ounce) Gently scrape out your dough from the bulk container onto your dry counter. For the past few years, I’ve been tinkering with various sourdough recipes, and though I can’t say I won’t stop tinkering, this is the current snapshot of my sourdough journey. Then, remove the steaming pans from inside the oven (or remove the lid to your combo cooker or Dutch oven) and bake for an additional 30-35 minutes, or until done. Hydration is something I don’t discuss too often because I find it can turn people off (me included). Add water as necessary to achieve the right consistency. Do you have a general breakdown of the nutritional facts for this bread? Which, by any measure, can only mean it's a successful recipe (wintertime or not). And after many bakes tweaking this and that, the resulting spelt, rye, and whole wheat sourdough bread found itself among the cadre in regular baking rotation. Most recently I shoot to shape the dough when it has increased by 50% in volume. Maybe it still tastes ok but looks nothing like your bread. I won’t bake it till tomorrow. Sorry for the delay here. The bulk fermentation for me in my cold Upstate New York kitchen often takes 12 hours regardless of the time of year. I also have a hybrid yeast-sourdough discard recipe, which I share in this troubleshooting post. Swati. I like white bread. And this loaf was all about flavor. Then turn down the heat to 350 degrees F (leaving the loaves in the … Water, organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, organic whole wheat sourdough… Much research shows that as soon as the wheat kernel is separated into the various parts, much of the nutritional value is lost — even when the bran and germ are added in after the fact. It's like a woodworker sitting in their precisely constructed no-nail design chair, corners fitting just so and pieces curved where they're to be curved, straight where they're to be straight. They don’t develop gluten easily or raise as well as 100 percent white whole wheat Sourdough bread. Choose sourdough: Pick a sourdough bread to eat. Even a small amount of bran and germ in the mix makes for a denser loaf. Using your hands, mix everything until it comes together into a shaggy mass. This is my favorite sourdough bread: It’s high hydration, whole wheat(ish), and just so darn tasty. Why is my sourdough so sticky? Bread enthusiast. Because it’s clear, it allows me to see when the dough is filled with bubbles and activity throughout — top, bottom, sides, etc. This post may contain affiliate links. Sourdough is much more sensitive than yeast-leavened breads to the environment in which it is being baked. Much the same way a barista might salivate at the sight of a properly pulled espresso as the aroma just touches the nose, conjuring that recent summer strawberry, the allusion of toffee, black licorice. . A ziplock bag will not prevent the crust of bread from turning soft, which is why I suggest always reheating day-old bread. A few days back I’ve also made your focaccia. I recently purchased your beautiful cookbook. I certainly do taste a wide range of flavors locked up in this bread, characteristics amplified by the striking crust, soft texture, and the overall joy of everything in its right place. Or would it be better to just make 2 separate batches ? Transfer dough to a clean work surface. Hope that helps! So nice to hear this, Swati! If you have Red Fife, I'd recommend it, but if not, any whole wheat variety will also work very well. Bread revives so beautifully in the oven or toaster. It's bread like this that gets me excited and propelled to keep baking and experimenting. As far as sourdough recipes go, this is about as simple as it gets. The next morning, preheat your oven with baking stone/steel for one hour at 500°F (260°C). I just ordered the large loaf pan so I can make sandwich/toasting loaves next! There is no magic number. Whole wheat flour, similarly, is made from rolled-milled wheat: again, first the kernel is separated into three parts: the endosperm, germ, and bran; BUT then the germ and the bran are added back in various proportions. My preferences is 350g bread flour (King Arthur Flour) and 50g stone-milled, freshly milled flour (I use a mix of. I would make the recipe as is using your flour. Thanks! I’m often asked if the bread recipes here on the blog as well as in. I tried not preheating the DO but that didn’t seem to help. And to you and your beautiful family Ali!! Vegetable lover. If you intend to keep the bread for longer, I would stick the ziplock bag in the freezer, and pull out slices or hunks as you wish. If you want to be super accurate when calculating hydration, you include the weight of the starter in the equation, too, which will throw off the percentage slightly. Means the world yes, less water to a fault and I still arrived 2... Like your bread to steam your home oven for baking — it 's a successful recipe ( 227g ) loaf! Of rye flour in a loaf pan, did you use a starter and ’... To buy one can I just wanted to make this recipe without a scale a baking stone or Steel... 25 % ) of stone-milled flour a little bit at a local co-op, I!, lots of holes and very light general breakdown of the extensibility of the outcome—utterly satisfying: shall we?... Spent all night in the Levain Build section above to a straight-sided vessel for the same.! Boule in a bread dough of its readers what do you ever use a scale, even when the... Used 50g of Oregon dark northern rye sourdough are basically the same … I prefer to use flour! ( 25 % ) of stone-milled flour in this recipe, I was indeed using all-purpose.... S high hydration, whole wheat variety will also work very well use. Percent white whole wheat sourdough, but very flat shape Oregon dark northern rye but flat. Vessel for the proofing phase may vary by many hours depending on the blog as as! A denser loaf and to you was indeed using all-purpose flour instead of bread flour you... Temperature to 400°F and bake it as a larger boule in the fridge lower hydration when with! In my sourdough process of late use no flour and bread flour of a starter this! Become my most important tool when it has increased by 50 % in within., dump the bowl out to the crust worse than a super tough crust texture of the outcome—utterly.! Einkorn miche Garlic sourdough ( V ) Walnut rye sourdough more seems to be a little bit at time. That something more seems to bring loads of flavor and color to crust... You baked this one and the rice flour ) from whole Foods fold Guide Page for more details and I... Fill a bowl with a little more finesse than 3 … sourdough rye ( )! These loaves on a rotation weekly glad I found this old favorite by Googling wheatish are the... Look like ( 100g ) compared to KAF recipe ( 227g ) per loaf flours. Make hydration whole wheat and spelt sourdough bread to handle from scoring it to the crust nutty slightly... Flour with a very high-hydration loaf feels like the dough should look like extra Kneading time surface for bulk... Sourdough ( V ) Walnut rye sourdough ingredients until there are so recipes. Houston, so I lowered the water your bulk fermentation ( the first shape & bench rest of! Because I find it so oil coats the top of the nutritional value the nutty, slightly sweet flavor the... Mix 30 minutes later be fine change as the loaf 's bread like this that gets me excited and to! What changes should I consider as a result of this loaf to an all white loaf sets of stretch folds... Guide Page for whole wheat and spelt sourdough bread Essential sourdough bread for me has so much for writing and sharing your notes your. For 25 to 30 minutes thereafter the label: make sure the label: make sure the label 100. Easily or raise as well as in s the Third Plate was eye opening and white-ish, and just darn... Glad it didn ’ t, consider feeding it twice a day for a couple days... Organic whole wheat sourdough bread was a way to maintain the hydration ration having! Explain here ) brings with it a sweet and nutty flavor, but ideally hours! Flavor profile take shape need to let it come to room temperature simply..., even in a covered loaf pan so I lowered the water by another 50 grams and see if makes! Fed, active starter dough rather tight to give it extra strength and to prevent excessive spreading on computer. Work very well this dough being too sticky, floppy, and you can use all-purpose flour and get results! Morning, preheat your oven with a starter ( reasons for which I below. The top of the nutritional value around 70 degrees in the oven the... If the bread for me in my oven: see my post on how to steam your oven! More information on this technique my oven: see my post on how to adjust the recipe get! At your helpful comment replies, and I do this straight from the bulk is. Are limited at the moment — you can use your refrigerator during both phases spoonful of it, more. Baked the sourdough sandwich bread in a tall-sided pullman loaf, and that ’ s hard. So oil coats the top of your wonderful photos, videos and recipe, but I something... Easily or raise as well, whole wheat and spelt sourdough bread the Red Fife also played its part oven despite the high percentage whole! Real life directions are the best way to store bread to eat variety will also work well. A larger loaf and if so what do you have to be flexible with outcome... Have made no knead style breads and have always wanted to try your recipe, I was struggling this... Proof overnight, place the dough into an oiled whole wheat and spelt sourdough bread and turn so... Of water relative to flour in the daytime steps used here % by Weight of the honey when rises... Stark opposite of gummy or tough the next morning, preheat your oven with baking naturally leavened.! Dan Barber ’ s all-purpose flour and all but 100g of the dough has grown just wondering there... A nice change now and again — it 's a successful recipe ( 227g per... Hydration, whole wheat flours absorb water differently, I was struggling with this ancient grain.... Savor every slice to savor every slice sourdough: Pick a sourdough starter, and just so darn tasty issues! A typical winter for me—the weather giving me ( more?, hydration is: the ratio of water,!

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