giving up caffeine changed my life

Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Some of us are more sensitive to this drug than others, like anything, you need to listen to your body and moderate. Hey Mage; You may say it is my imagination, but I also felt that my vision and sense of hearing were sharper. I have already experienced the withdrawal headache I think and want to know if it’s sometimes ok to go to tea or even my old friend excedrin (which has caffeine in it) when I have a headache, or will this start the whole process over again? After going cold turkey for a month, my perspective on these drinks totally changed.  Starbucks clearly benefits from this as, , or roughly 10% of the US population, has visited a Starbucks within the last 30 days in the US. Then eventually I sometimes have a cup of delicious real coffee – but now it’s only one cup (not three!) Here are five benefits from quitting caffeine I have experienced: 1. It helped me to recognise that it wasn’t the caffeine, but rather my approach to work and life that needed to change. I was awaiting, not a call from a loved one or an evening out with friends, but my next cup of coffee. I started with giving up social media, which was incredibly impactful, moved on to alcohol and smoking and now this one coffee. Initial suffering may be present, but the rewards are good later. Little by little, these changes are beginning to shape, transform and clear a path for my next chapter. You'll feel like crap (for a little while). Thank you. Since kicking my coffee habit, not only is my energy more stable, but I utilize much healthier strategies when I require a bit of a boost. I quit nicotine about four months ago. About 6 weeks ago I went down to tea and experienced a lot of benefits in that transition. I recall also those countless hours spent in airports drinking coffee, however still feeling even more exhausted. Its nice to know how quitting caffeine can help us in our daily life. You need an expensive machinery etc. Thanks for your comments. It’s a tough one to give up. A nice article, it has all the feel of a very authentic movement in life. I sleep better. keep up the good work. And as a bonus, when I truly listen to what my body needs, I stay satisfied for longer and feel healthier and happier. This is due to the … Yes, hardest part is the first 2 weeks cause it will always (during that time) feel better to go back to coffee than to stay off it; BUT, if you can get through that then focus on the benefits you are feeling and add something new into your life that gives you joy. i’ve only just read this, Oct ’20, but it gives me hope, that a spiritually minded person can have this dependency on coffee too. How giving up alcohol and coffee changed my life. Do you lump that in when you say you’re off caffeine or is it possible to add in occasional green teas? I will keep my sights on the prize of making it past a couple weeks. 7. So I resolved to give up java for seven days to see if I felt better. Tired of visiting the dentist and the pain I have throughout the process, I decided to quit the major culpit. I bought a bike and did 30 minutes of riding after work instead of getting coffee. It’s so wierd, but when I started work 14 years ago, I saw a guy drink loads, and I copied him. Your email address will not be published. As it turns out, coffee affects my body and mind more than I realized. Eventually I shed a few pounds, gained muscle, and felt more confident in my own skin. I am dealing with the headaches and fogginess still but I have no want for another cup anymore.  You may think that it gives you the jolt you need to make it through the day and helps you work harder. Even if you’re currently drinking just a cup or two, it is still a dependency. I gave up gluten in 2011 and that already felt like a huge sacrifice. It took me a few days to move beyond the intense headaches and mental fog of peak caffeine withdrawal, and two weeks for my body to completely realign with its natural cycles. One afternoon as I was working in my office, I suddenly realized how often I was looking at my watch. Fewer Headaches “My mother is Belgian, these things are part of my heritage and I won’t give them up,” I said to anyone who suggested I try cutting them out of my diet. After starting my PhD I introduced a bunch of changes to my life and built several habits. Long story short, three months have passed since the last time where i had consume caffeine. Your email address will not be published. Thanks again for the inspiration! I am currently in the minority when it comes to caffeine consumption according to this study by my Alma Mater, . Have you thought about giving up caffeine? The initial suffering was definitely intense, but it was worth it. You might get headaches initially. I had been drinking coffee for 40 years when 6 days ago I gave it up cold turkey. It has always been hard for me to drop habits slowly. It turned out that even though I was able to fall asleep immediately after downing a cup of coffee, the quality of my sleep was being compromised. , increased caffeine results in people sleeping less, poorer perceived sleep quality and waking up more frequently during the night. Many people report that caffeine increases their anxiety levels. Thanks for your encouragement…I think the next challenge is dealing with sugar! There are many people out there saying ‘giving up caffeine changed my life’ for the better!!! Be prepared to be inspired, do you think you have what it takes? Some argue that caffeine is good for you. "Those who drink more than their fair share of coffee (or caffeine in general) literally change their brain on a physical level and at the same time, build up caffeine tolerance," said Brawner. Maybe offices will start having a fresh squeezed juice area instead of caffeine stations! And how can it even change my life? This moment sparked a journey to kick my coffee habit. I had to make the commitment to myself to quit for 25 years! I wish I could quit caffeine, but I regret to say that I cannot see it happening any time soon. This has to do with how caffeine affects the adenosine receptors in our brain and because caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands. Unforunately, it tooks me some years to get my courage up. Great article! However, once I was no longer drinking it, I noticed that my meditations improved. How did you come across the blog post? As I have slowed down and begun to truly pay attention to how I’m feeling, I have received an unexpected gift: the full, unadulterated freedom of being alive.  Those include: diminished anxiety, clarity of mind, better sleep, and interestingly enough for me. Â, For those that believe that caffeine helps cope with stress, according to. Thanks for the article. 2. The idea of giving up caffeine was born in my mind during the last 3-4 years. I like to think that I convinced her to, but I’m not exactly sure. Should I sell some stocks now and wait for a market correction? Deep inside i knew that if caffeine was not the main cause of my suffering it was at least the ''finishing touch''. Accelerated Depreciation; Instagram; Facebook Linkedin Youtube Instagram Email. Meditation and yoga continue to be the cornerstone of my strategy for dealing with difficult situations, but I now find them to be more effective than they were during my coffee drinking days. Your email address will not be published. I’m sure you are thinking you could never give up your morning caffeine. I also practically eliminated the urge for an afternoon siesta. But as I was about to turn 28, my body was giving me warning signs of its own that I needed to change my habits. Especially during winter months it is enjoyable to enjoy a hot cup in the mornings. I never considered myself a coffee addict, but I was starting to think my a.m. caffeine lift had become too much for me. I find cold turkey easier for me. Quitting hasn’t completely changed my life, but it hasn’t had any negative effects either. I tend to need to go cold turkey as it is easier for my mentality to cut something out of my life completely than to try to moderate it. It was horrible and scary. Ultimately, giving up alcohol was the best decision I ever made; it feels like waking up in clean sheets every day. We get used to the chemical high and forget about the natural high that exists in each of us. Maybe you’ve realized that you’re overly dependent on this black brew. Keep a running list of all the ways giving up caffeine is improving your life. Caffeine was the catalyst for my transformation. What a great testimonial to getting back to “original body.” We don’t realize how strong the drugs are and what an effect they have. If I had a lot of writing to do, I’d wake up in the morning with a Red Bull (27 grams in an 8.4 oz can) I wasn’t as bad as some people. I’ve also rebooted my yoga practice, and find that breathing exercises and a few yoga poses can be really helpful if I’m feeling sleepy or unfocused during my day. Aside from the three weeks of fatigue during the withdrawal process, I can't think of any facet of my life that did not noticeably improve. Instead of resting when I was tired, I headed out to the local coffee shop for a double shot. It was such a buzz….until I realised, years down the line, that I had insomnia and panic attacks, bought on by years of abuse…these days, I am very careful, when it comes to coffee. My Books; Auto Racing. Cutting caffeine can be difficult at first, and the withdrawal could … As a yogi and meditation teacher, I consider myself to be relatively aware of my body’s signals and the ramblings of my mind. My skin was less inflamed and I didn't have so much of the hormonal acne on my chin and jawline, which I suspect, could also be a pure coincidence. More money in your pocket for artisanal seltzer. I start my day with meditation and a brisk walk and go to the gym regularly after work. No more, I am tired of all that process. When challenges arise, as they inevitably do, I am able to remain calm and address them without succumbing to the stress. Both of us agree that eradicating caffeine from our lives has yielded amazing results. Instead it will relax your mind and give you energy throughout the day. Now that I no longer drink coffee, I find I am much more relaxed at work. 8 Christmas Spending Facts, and 5 Tips for Busy Working Moms, Investment Fees are Costing You Years in Retirement, 2016 Cord-Cutter’s Guide to Family-Friendly Streaming Holiday Movies and TV Episodes, 2 Different Ways to Look Income And Spending Levels, 5 Ways to Start Preparing For Tax Season Now, The Benefits of Creating a Money Management System. You are exactly right when talking about sharper senses too-the caffeine for me brought on a flight or fight response that naturally dulled any bodily functions that were not strictly necessary. Indeed the pressure is intense at first when you try to quit any addiction, but persistence eventually pulls through. For years I started every day with a five dollar latte. The high point of my afternoon is a caffeine fix?”. Northern California and Southern Oregon Coast Road Trip, Housing Expense Guideline For Financial Independence. I chuckle when I see article titles like I Gave up Sugar for 30 Days.August 11 marks my 45 th anniversary of giving up sugar – and changing my life.. For 15 years, I suffered from depression and a host of physical problems including anxiety, sinus headaches, yeast … Despite my ambivalence, I’d still recommend to any caffeine drinkers that they give quitting a try. My morning still consists of waking up with a glass of lemon water, steeping the herbal coffee (the recipe I now use is below), doing my ROMWOD, drinking the herbal coffee, then having breakfast. Once I arrived on the other side of that struggle, I began to notice profound benefits as a result of being caffeine-free, some that I fully anticipated and hoped for, and a few that far exceeded my expectations. teeth. It is as though I have regained the ability to fully experience life as it is, rather than through the lens of my addiction. I am on day five of no caffeine and am in a huge fog and very weary.  Caffeine has been found to have a 6 hour half-life, which means that it takes a full 24 hours to completely work its way through your system. I joked to a friend that quitting coffee was going OK, aside from the feeling that life was meaningless. giving up caffeine changed my life Health Healthy Eating . Four years later, after doing an anti-inflammation elimination diet, I also gave up caffeine, alcohol and most dairy. What prompted my idea to give up coffee was a nutrition event I attended last October as part of Kerri Glassman’s Nutrition School .The two-day seminar was chock full of exciting lectures and talks dealing with nutrition and wellness. I had been scared that my life would end when I stopped drinking, but my alcohol-free life has given me more than I could have ever imagined. that talks about breaking the habit and it was two weeks of hell inside my body but after that I was feeling greatt! “Freedom is that faculty which enlarges the usefulness of all other faculties.” – Immanuel Kant. I was shocked to discover that caffeine was creating a barrier between myself and the ability to be present in the moment. find cold turkey works better. This is the story of how finally quitting caffeine transformed my life. This is something I need to work on. to satisfy her carbonation fix, while totally eliminating sugar and caffeine. Custom site by, THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. So, the caffeine from my lunchtime Coke at noon would still be at 50% strength at bedtime. But I soon turned out to be wrong and had to face the grave consequences of my addiction. I certainly plan to stay off caffeine for now, but it’s in part just because I don’t see any reason to go back to it. When searching for articles about coffee, there are plenty about the benefits of a cup of coffee rather than quiting. I noticed within a day or two how much calmer I have been and I too have noticed a difference in the way I see the world and handle situations. 3 Quitting coffee or caffeine can make you feel less anxious, especially if you are prone to anxiety issues. It’s a very powerful drug and should be treated with respect. I feel less rushed and overwhelmed as I go through my day, and am able to maintain my focus more consistently and for longer periods of time. Here are five benefits from quitting caffeine I have experienced: I always believed that caffeine no longer affected my sleep, and even boasted that I could consume coffee late at night and go to bed at the usual time, but once I quit it became clear that these were the delusions of an addict. This is something that I have tried numerous times, each unsuccessful.  So, the caffeine from my lunchtime Coke at noon would still be at 50% strength at bedtime. And I did not even like that coffee.  80% of adults in the US have some sort of caffeine each day. Caffeine-free, I remained asleep for more of the night and awoke in the morning feeling well-rested. I am the same way. What a great post.  Interestingly enough, some newer studies now contradict those that previously claimed that, helped her eventually transition into drinking. I want to be free of it and experience that freedom – this gives me hope. I picked up the idea that ‘science is fueled by caffeine’ and made sure to be part of it. Luckily, I also love drinking tea and found this mate to replace my coffee! Full List of Coffee Detox Benefits Easier to wake up in the morning without needing caffeine to start the day. PLEASE READ MY. I think people with addictive personalities (whatever that means?) ... My wife decided to give up caffeine shortly after we got married. I still enjoy the odd cup, but I am slowly moving on from it. I never consumed too much coffee or caffeine though, maybe a cup a day. I am really excited to see what the future holds once I get past the withdrawls. With only 2 cups per day, both before 3 PM , still had these bad nights, restless and irritated to every sound my neighbors did. After 3 weeks I can definitely say that my sleep improved, I am able to sleep at least 5 hours without turning and waking up, I feel calmer and will go on to see these benefits you mention in your article. I want to know for myself and not just read about it. Thanks for the encouragement…naps have taken over the roll of the afternoon expresso and deep sleep has returned into my life! AustralianDividendInvestor recently posted…, Erin @ Journey to Saving recently posted…, Money Miser @ recently posted…, Sarah recently posted…, Grant @ Life Prep Couple recently posted…. According to. And if it is a choice between average sleep (if you’re lucky;-) and a cuppa, versus no coffee and deeper skeep, I know which one I would go for. Until I stopped drinking coffee, I had no idea how often I was pushing through the needs of my body without paying them any attention. If you've ever gone one too many hours without a caffeine fix, … By seeking ways to help me out of a difficult situation, I actually helped myself by finding out what the cause of my tiredness was and reduce its negative effects on my life. So I gave up coffee and switched to iced green tea; even though it's caffeinated, it doesn't make my mind and heart race like coffee does. I’m able to cope with very stressful situations without the panic, think clearly and put things in perspective. But enough of the suspense- I'll get to the point: quitting coffee changed my fucking life. Mate is a herbal drink which has more caffeine than normal tea but it doesn't give you jitters. Here's how: Fewer trips to the bathroom I know it's icky, but let's just say this was my primary motivation. The health benefits were so profound and the freedom so great that I decided to quit caffeine as well. I recently started to quit caffeine as I am a headache sufferer and think this will help. Not to mention I started to experience lots of restless nights and some stomach problems. The most Bizarre Article I’ve read this year.  If you have given up caffeine, have you noticed any positive or negative effects? Couple of days I passed by a coffee shop and the fresh smell of coffee did not left me with watery mouth. I’m currently doing a lot of different 30-day challenges to change my habits and ultimately change my life. Ever wondered what it would be like to give up alcohol? That’s caffeine I believe. But if you follow a similar path, you know that there are always hidden recesses of the self that remain to be uncovered. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I used to be extremely restless but giving up coffee has calmed my nerves and brought down my cortisol response (yes, I had it checked). That, meditation, and exercise, and my body is becoming more alive. That way I could forget about it completely…well, at least for 25 years. What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Caffeine. I’ve never looked back and the few times I’ve had a tiny bit of caffeine in a drink or dessert I can really feel the effects immediately and the next day- almost like a hangover. I quit nicotine not so long back though, and for me that was a major milestone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. but it’s safe to say I was getting a daily sugar kick. It took me a long time to be willing to take an honest look at my dependence on caffeine. It is even hard to find that good coffee and it is expensive like hell. Dependency on a drug, any drug, is surely bad news. It can be helpful to have the potential benefits in mind to keep up one’s motivation during the most difficult period of withdrawal. In the days leading up to June 8, I stepped down my consumption so I wouldn’t get caffeine withdrawal headaches. The whole stress reaction thing, chemically. However, a recent study by the, found that excessive caffeine may actually make you slack off. I like this calmer person I have become. Healthier (and whiter!) Congratulations on the two years! As the sun spread its warm rays through my office window, the full force of the thought struck me: “Is this what my life has become? In a few months, I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday and two years without alcohol. At the risk of going overboard with the hyperbole, giving up coffee changed my life. I had been drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day when I quit cold turkey. I haven’t had a headache yet, probably due to merging to tea first and essentially cutting the caffeine intake in half.

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