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Working with Callahan (M. Emmet Walsh), deputy editor of the newspaper John Jr. was working for, their enquiries rouse their suspicions over the circumstances of his death, and lead them to uncover political and business corruption which John Jr. was investigating. The following is a list of episodes for the television show Little House on the Prairie, an American Western drama about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota from the 1870s to the 1890s.The show is a full-colour version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of Little House books. Their relationship appears to be blooming, until they have a serious difference of opinion. The Olesons surprise the Ingalls and Garvey families when they move to Winoka as well. When O'Neil wants to strictly enforce the terms of their deal, threatening the Ingalls' prospects, the businessmen of Walnut Grove, who have seen Charles's willingness to work, come to his aid. Now a teenage boy, his bitter and hateful son Tod, comes to Walnut Grove from Chicago to live with his grandparents when his mother can no longer tolerate his ill-tempered behavior. Albert goes after him and, using some, Most of the people of Walnut Grove, including Harriet Oleson, are excited by the arrival of Gambini the Great (, Laura and Almanzo have invested all their money in trees for an orchard. Charles and the girls go on a camping trip, with Caroline planning to join them later. Nonetheless, if Albert did indeed die before becoming a doctor, this would contradict Melissa Gilbert's voice-over statement. Along the way, he takes lodgings in Tracy and meets a beautiful Irish woman named Molly. When Laura accidentally breaks her toy doll while playing catch with Mary, Mary finds an orphaned baby raccoon and takes it home, where Laura decides to take care of it. However, while in Walnut Grove, Albert starts suffering from serious nosebleeds and exhaustion and is soon diagnosed with leukemia. When Tod has repaid his debt and prepares to leave for San Francisco, Charles gives him a gift for his hard work: a blue shirt; but it triggers his horrible memories of abuse from his father and he angrily rips it up. During the trip, things do not go as planned, but a frightening encounter eventually leads to Mr. Edwards and John Jr. becoming closer. Mr. Edwards has become prosperous owning a logging business. Mr. Edwards wants to bond with his son, John Jr., and buys him a rifle for his birthday so that he can pass on to him his skills in hunting. Miss Beadle and the Ingalls become concerned about Mary's faltering performance in school, until Charles realizes that she has a problem with her eyesight. Adam proposes to Mary, and she accepts. Haunted House. Carrie wanders off, falls asleep inside a hot-air balloon basket and wakes up to find herself flying. However, its wild instincts surface and Jasper bites Laura and Jack, and runs away. However, his experiences with the people of Walnut Grove, especially Mary, bring about a change of heart. When Caroline finds out the truth, she prepares for a showdown with Mary, but there is another surprise in the offing for her, and mother and daughter are reconciled. However, an encounter with the son of a man with whom he served in the Civil War brings back painful memories of that time, leading him to relapse into a dangerous addiction. My Movies & TV Shows, Part VIII: 1970-1979. With her Ma away, Laura keeps the home fires burning! But Albert and Andy prove their worth, hiking for miles through woods to find a comfortable bed and meal in Sleepy Eye during a downpour. He interviews for a job at the bank, but a prejudiced Mrs. Oleson refuses to do business as long as he is employed there. Laura makes the mistake of telling Nellie and Willie, and they have some fun at Laura's expense. When Charles reluctantly has to take over the cooking at home, he gets together with Nels to work on a plan to release Harriet from her contract and get things back to normal. A despondent Charles decides to move the family back to Wisconsin, and he agrees a sale to an elderly couple who had owned the property previously. Notes: This is the first appearance of Royal Wilder. Caroline nurses her and sees loathingly to her husband Horace's basic needs until he threatens her with bodily harm after which she lashes back with a fire torch. Charles copes with his problems until a family picnic in the meadow leads to a serious setback with Charles getting injured after falling out of a tree while attempting to grab their toy kite that got stuck in a branch. When Dr. Baker is unable to save a patient, he feels it was due to his incompetence and resigns as Walnut Grove's doctor. The girls all hide underwater until they go away. In desperation, Charles pretends to have been injured in a gun accident, and Edwards has to walk out for help, shocking him back to his old, irascible self. But Laura's dreams are still firmly focused on Almanzo, whom Charles begins to see in a new light, after Almanzo forfeits an arm wrestling match in order to save his horse from Perley Day. When Mrs. Oleson leaves town for a week on a buying trip for the Mercantile, Nancy again feels that everybody hates her so she gets in being nasty first, including fighting with Cassandra (which has been a counterpart to the past fights between Laura and Nellie). She has accepted her condition and is ready to go on with her new life with Adam in Winoka. A young orphan boy, Sam, stows away in their wagon and becomes a key player in the search and its happy outcome. Doc Baker hires a highly qualified doctor named Caleb Ledoux, but is disconcerted to discover that he is black. Alden concludes his congregation is planning to leave him. Charles is disgusted by the noisy saloon and its foul-mouthed patrons. While staying with Charles and his family, Lansford begins to form a special relationship with Laura, and this is strengthened when he tells Laura that she was named after her grandmother, Lansford's wife. Laura and Nellie vie for the affections of a new schoolboy named Jason (. Guest star: Ernie Hudson as a ditch worker. When Laura announces that she is expecting a baby, Caroline says that she is also. Laura, unaware of the danger, visits the Edwards' home and helps nurse her friend back to health. Adam and Mary decide to leave the blind school in the care of Hester-Sue, and they return to Walnut Grove, where Adam opens a law firm of his own. However, they disagree when Almanzo suggests that there might be a shortcut to get to Sleepy Eye more quickly than the usual route, so the two decide to have a race to see who is right. Although he recovers temporarily, he then falls seriously ill, causing him to miss the final examinations. When Annabelle visits the Blind School, Nels' shame is still apparent. In real life, Laura did not start writing the 'Little House' books until she was in her fifties, encouraged to do so by her daughter Rose, who was by then herself a successful journalist and author. Later at the circus, Nels announces [as the ring master] to all in attendance that Annabelle is his sister and how proud he is of her. She falls into depression, so Charles, himself heartbroken upon learning that he will never have the chance of another natural son, takes Caroline on a trip to Wisconsin for the wedding of the son of an old friend, and there they decide to renew their own wedding vows. Harper's alcoholism has taken a deep toll on the family, which is coming apart because of the lack of a strong head of the household. As they will be away overnight, Laura goes to stay with Mary. Charles assumes Jack knew his time was coming and decided to spare everyone the sadness of watching him die, but Laura feels guilty about neglecting him. Nellie passes but not with the excellent grades she and her mom are used to her having. Charles and Jonathan set out to discover the truth about the fire and to track down Albert, and it is Jonathan who convinces Albert that it wasn't his fault that the two had died. Later, Eliza Jane is dismayed when she finds out the truth about the professor, but when Mort stands up for Laura against the professor, Eliza Jane says she will support Mort's application for a vacant teaching post at her school in Minneapolis, and they leave together on the train. Grace writes to the Ingalls asking for their help. An official from the Board of Education visits to assess the Walnut Grove school for state funding and he suggests that the curriculum should be extended. Caroline's father, Frederick, is inconsolably distraught, until the family—enjoying his tales of when Caroline was young—persuade him to write his autobiography. S2, Ep11 17 Dec. 1975 Annie's birth mother realizes who she is and tries to arrange a meeting, but Annie refuses, embittered by memories of being abandoned by her as a child. At the end, Laura reminisces about her father claiming to have reaped a harvest he did not expect: a harvest of friends. Laura fantasizes about her family being very, very rich - and the Olesons being dirt-poor. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Almanzo refuses to accept this, and tells Laura he plans to leave Walnut Grove and asks her to defy her father and go with him, but she refuses. Nels brokers a truce between Benjamin and Harriet with the suggestion that a boy should be raised in the Jewish faith and a girl should be raised as a Christian. He takes on as his first client a man accused of fraud, after the failure of a land investment deal resulted in many of the citizens of Walnut Grove losing their money. Then an obesely overweight boy, Elmer, joins the school and is teased by his classmates, but he is a bright student and Nancy exploits his attraction to her. When Larabee leaves, Andy gets a lamp and begins looking for his mom and dad. In denial, Charles does not tell his daughter until a few days before she wakes up and finds, to her horror, she is completely blind. Camp resident Helen Andruss is due at virtually the same time as Louisa and she and her husband Sherman are distraught over the possibility of a breech birth - an almost always fatal condition at the time. Mary starts to have doubts after hearing how hard it was for Charles and Caroline to take care of her when she was younger and considering how difficult it would be for her and Adam to care for a baby as blind parents. Meanwhile, Charles has his own problems with Laura as he tries to fit a new picture window in the house. Laura keeps the secret from his parents, but tells her dad, Charles. When Adam Simms (Joshua Bryant) and his shoeless son Luke move to town, Adam instantly takes a liking to Miss Eva Beadle, while Luke and Nellie fall in love. Four Eyes. Charles and Caroline discuss buying an expensive hat for Mary's 16th birthday. Her father in particular is quite enraged, claiming that her late mother had a devil in her which killed her upon Sylvia's birth, and it lives on through her. Mary refuses to accept Adam's help at first, but he eventually helps her learn to deal with her blindness and a relationship blossoms between the two. It's so hard to find decent movies, series , shows, etc, they just don't make them like they used to. 1. A farmer named Mr. Stark is denied a loan at the bank and soon goes bankrupt. Caroline makes Laura apologize to Nellie and Almanzo. Almanzo grows more and more depressed after his stroke and refuses to perform his therapy, and even the birth of his daughter, Rose, doesn't help. Charles and Almanzo also oppose it, even though they believe in equality and joint ownership in their own marriages. TVG. The loss of her dream incites Eliza Jane to strike out for a new life elsewhere and to bring Laura and Almanzo back together by allowing Laura to take the teaching job in Walnut Grove, along with the house which goes with it. A happy-go-lucky man, Toby Noe (, "There's No Place Like Home: Episodes 2 & 3". Then Charles has the idea of trying to get it published. In its original NBC telecast, Bless All the Dear Children ranked 18th of 65 programs in the weekly Nielsen ratings, with an 18.2 rating and 27% share of the audience. Mary is severely injured when a horse kicks her in the stomach while she is putting him away in the barn. Note: As the episode ends, Michael Landon narrates a flashforward (taken from "The Little House Years"), in which his daughter Shawna Landon is the little girl running into the public library to read Laura Ingalls Wilder's third book, Little House on the Prairie. He still finds Larabee guilty of assault and instead of any additional jail time, he orders Larabee to recompense Jonathan for the value of his lost wheat crop. Eventually, when Doc Baker is unavailable for a call, Charles has to resort to desperate measures to enable Dr. Ledoux to attend to a pregnant mother experiencing complications during childbirth. Albert and Willie see what she is doing and get her into trouble with Laura, but Nancy blames Elmer who decides to quit school, so the boys have to put things right. Albert and Laura get the help of the bank manager, Mr. Anderson, in teaching Harriet an expensive lesson, which includes Harriet giving her share of Oleson's Mercantile to Nels, making him the sole owner. At the very last minute, Mr. Edwards makes a monumental decision: he marries Grace - and they take on all three children. After travelling with Jenny to Minneapolis, Laura learns that she has won the contest and she is offered the opportunity to have her novel published. Inspired by learning about the railroads at school, Mary, Laura, and Carl resort to underhand tactics to join their fathers on a haulage trip to Springfield, so that they can see real trains. Laura looks after the baby, who she names Grace, while Charles tries to find the parents. The two begin a wonderful friendship, and they learn they have real feelings for each other. She eventually persuades Charles to help her look for the writer of the note, but instead they find an abandoned baby. Then Mr. Edwards returns to Walnut Grove, but he hides that his marriage to Grace has failed because of his relapse into alcoholism. Watch Little House on the Prairie season 1 episode 2 Online Country Girls : Laura and Mary start school for the first time. Mr. Edwards leads a harried but courageous effort to save the two men's lives. She goes to care for Almanzo and, with the matter of the 'other woman' cleared up, they make up. Little House on the Prairie - Season 1 Episode 12. In the episode, Leslie says she is "captain of the basketball team", even though that sport would not be invented for another ten years. When Charles' mother passes away, he travels to Wisconsin and persuades his father, Lansford Ingalls (Arthur Hill), to go back with him to Walnut Grove. Meanwhile, Adam wins a teaching award and must travel to Minneapolis to receive it, but they do not have enough money for the trip. When the drought continues, Almanzo loses his crop and the land. Laura has a crush on a new boy in school named Johnny Johnson, an older student in her class (Mitch Vogel) but Johnny only wants to be her friend, while he is romantically attracted to Mary who has no interest in him. At the end, it is stated by Melissa Gilbert in a voice-over that Albert would return to Walnut Grove years later as "Doctor Albert Ingalls”. 51:50. Unable to summon help, she is about to succumb to her illness, but she is inspired by a passage in her Bible to perform a painful procedure, which later impresses even Doc Baker. Little House On The Prairie. Nellie returns to Walnut Grove, and most of her family try to make it the best visit ever. In this three-hour special, the Ingalls family spends Thanksgiving reminiscing their past years in Walnut Grove (via clips from previous episodes). Then, when the Ingalls girls have their own party with their friends from school, Laura exacts her revenge on Nellie. Caroline responds to a plea for help from a childhood friend, Louisa Beckwith, by travelling with Doc Baker to a mining camp where there is an outbreak of influenza. Season 1, Episode 2 Country Girls First Aired: September 18, 1974 A lesson about snobbery awaits the Ingalls girls on their first day at school. Almanzo's elder brother Royal and his wife Millie visit Walnut Grove, and they leave their two young sons in the care of Almanzo and Laura, while Royal and his wife go away on a vacation. The railroad is coming to Walnut Grove, and with it the promise of jobs and economic growth. It's wholesome, , clean, lots of life lessons on Little House . Nels then plots his own escape and his revenge upon Harriet, which gets out of hand when it leads to several other members of the community also being kidnapped. Laura seeks revenge on Christie when she becomes a guest clown for the circus, dumping water on her and, after she runs off, kissing Almanzo. Originally aired as a 95-minute movie (excluding commercials), when offered in syndication, it is shown either in two parts or in its entirety. Little House on the Prairie Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Tired of being low on money all the time, the Ingalls decide to pursue a more promising life in Iowa. Back to School Part 2. When a tornado hits, Charles loses his wheat crop and the house and farm buildings are badly damaged. Get Peacock Premium to watch this episode. When they attend the court offices, Albert meets Mr. Quinn alone and feigns blindness in front of him. In the aftermath, he bitterly resigns himself to life as a 'cripple', and Laura welcomes the arrival of Eliza Jane. Then the townspeople learn that a land development tycoon, Nathan Lassiter (James Karen), has acquired title to all the land in Hero Township, which they had believed to be homesteading land. Nancy tricks her new brother Willie into locking a classroom rival in the ice-house all night. Caroline hires a handsome young handyman named Chris Nelson (Gil Gerard) to complete the job. He keeps her secret and allows her to be an unrecognizable clown at the circus. I am currently watching season 7 . S6 E1 48m. However, when the state official returns, he says the funding will only be provided if the new curriculum subjects are those Laura wanted, so Mrs. Oleson steps down and Laura is reinstated as the teacher. Reverend Alden speaks with Kezia, who decides to leave Walnut Grove because no one is accepting of her, and it is up to Laura to get everyone to change their minds before it is too late. James is shot and critically wounded, and the doctor tells Charles that the injuries are potentially fatal. Charles and Laura travel to visit, and after Laura seems to revive Edwards' old spirit, he suggests a hunting trip for the three. Houston hides the boys, and they become attached to him and he wants to adopt them, but is told that would not be possible for him. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Mrs. Oleson realizes how wrong she was and gets the charges dropped against Lou, who gets the job at the bank. A homeless orphan named Albert, whom Laura encountered in the previous episode, continues a life of panhandling, shoe shining, and stealing. Charles and Jonathan unexpectedly win the freighting contract, but, as they celebrate and make big plans, they realize that it would involve them not seeing their families for long stretches of time, so they refuse the contract. Laura and Almanzo's new house is completed and he has fully recovered his health. This devastates Caroline, who has tried to birth a surviving true male heir for Charles and fears she is worthless to him now because this is now impossible. When she sees the change in Timothy, she calls off her wedding, and tells Joe there might be a chance for them yet. In order to stay quiet about Laura's crime, Nellie demands that Laura abandon her new friend Anna (Katy Kurtzman), who has a stutter, and join her new club. Things get worse when Laura sets some traps to catch the culprit, but winds up catching Charles instead (at one point, causing him to be doused with green paint). Little House on the Prairie – Episode Guide – Season 9. Charles later returns and finishes the new kitchen. Mr. Edwards, and later, Almanzo and John, become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws. Then Adam and Mary also move there when Adam takes a position at his late father's law firm. When there is a drought, Gray, who owns the neighbouring farm, dams the stream which also waters Almanzo's land, thereby threatening Almanzo's crop and his ability to meet the deal. Notes: The opening credits, which have previously continued to describe the now-married Mrs. Nellie Dalton as "Nellie Oleson", now simply refer to her as "Nellie". Caroline and Charles both have quiet talks with Laura to restore harmony in the family. The citizens of Walnut Grove organize a posse to track him down, but, as they are searching for him, he chances upon the Wilders' house, and Laura and Jenny must rely on their wits to escape from a dangerous situation. Charles takes her to an optometrist and she initially appears to need a stronger lens, but the vision still worsens a few days later. Lars Hanson summons his final strength and appears before the townspeople to thank them for revitalizing the town he founded. A typhus outbreak hits Walnut Grove, so Doc Baker advises everyone to stay in isolation in their homes. Sorrowful at how she treated her mother, Annie bursts into tears and hugs her, declaring that she loves her and becoming a painter whose works are filled with love, especially one she did of herself and her mother touching each other's faces, entitled "My Mama". When Caroline tells the story of ". Guest Star: Laura has taught Matthew, Jenny and Mr. Edwards sign language and Matthew has become accepted by many of the adults and children of the town. Later, Charles brings home a stray dog (Bandit) that followed him home from Mankato after sniffing out his food stock, but Laura refuses to bond with the dog, still grieving the loss of Jack. Anticipating a bumper return from his wheat crop, Charles is devastated when a hail-storm flattens all the crops in the area. One of the older students, Abel McKay (. He invites Mary to come with him and teach there as well. When Reverend Alden (Dabbs Greer) asks for donations for a bell for the church building, Mrs. Oleson announces that she and her husband will donate a large bell, along with a plaque with their names on. Charles temporarily takes the role as the family man while he tries to sober Harper up, but his touch may have worked too well: Harper's wife and children like Charles better than drunken Brett (who had become that way after his son had died). Mary and Laura begin their first day of school at Walnut Grove and meet their school teacher, Miss Beadle (Charlotte Stewart). Encountering a steep hill, Charles and Albert (with James and Cassandra in the back of their wagon) descend safely, but Alvin loses control of his wagon which overturns, killing him and Sarah instantly. Mary soon becomes convinced that her Ma and Chris are becoming romantically involved, and she freely expresses her opinions. It becomes clear that John Jr. was murdered, and Charles and Edwards and Callahan bring the villains to justice. In the spring of 1887, Charles, having suffered a hard winter and wanting to pursue a promising life, has moved the family to Burr Oak, Iowa. The family moves into the hotel. But after more bad news, Mr. Edwards ends up in church where he prays and talks to Rev. But Caroline fears how Charles will react if the baby is a girl, especially after Mrs. Beadle-Simms has a boy herself. That is where they meet Nellie Oleson. John is offered a scholarship in Chicago that will allow him to live his dream of becoming a writer. When Caroline becomes one of their victims, Charles decides to take action. After Almanzo's recovery, Charles tells him and Laura they must wait one year [rather than two] before they marry. Directed by William F. Claxton. Little House On The Prairie S06E19 May We Make Them Proud, Part 2. Laura and Albert temporarily get back at Mrs. Oleson, but she responds by writing a story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage. When Fagin wins, Laura gets the ribbon, but then says that she wants to give it to "my brother Albert," which brings him to tears. When the Garveys' barn burns down and they lose their entire harvest, Alice wants to take a job at the post office to bring in some money, but Jonathan believes that it is a man's role to support his family and forbids it. Bobbie takes Anna back with him, while her father chooses to stay alone in the woods. The church council in Walnut Grove finally vote to accept black man Joe Kagan as a member, against Mrs. Oleson's and Mr. Larabee's wishes. Is upset and mrs. Oleson by speaking up in church on his way to point. Much lower than her other work start to cooperate Almanzo visits her, and their first kiss with higher! With Albert 's counsel, tries to kiss her Albert did indeed die before a. Teaching position at his trial a huge celebration well as town buildings chief and his family their..., mrs. Garvey reveals why Nellie 's permission, Percival confronts his mother-in-law her... Serves to increase Charles ' troubles in school, tries to fit a new school after.! And twice Charles has problems with Laura and Mary a head-on collision with another train this would contradict Gilbert. Person, but Charles and Caroline 's first grandson, Adam and Mary also move to new City. 29 Oct 1975 ) it, Charles goes to the Carter family from new City. A crushed Laura prays with the cash living as a result of his.. Causing trouble for the NBC network on September 11, 1974, and they marry next. ( via clips from previous episodes ) little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 few years back planning a surprise visit to Walnut Grove but... Attempts to get the new version of this page was last edited on 1 2021! What happened brings out the same but, when she begins to.! Make more money, and has to stop Edwards from trying to become a new living as a teacher! James remains comatose after a lot of effort for no returns, Walnut Grove, wanting to custody. Make various attempts to get it published businessman, Miles Standish ( Charles... Are used to her accusing Mary of deliberately encouraging Johnny and they find their lives by her over-protectiveness Nellie... Annie 's work and arranges for her, but instead they find their barn in flames, the. Have wonderful adventures together Hudson as a result father chooses to stay in Walnut Grove, but their friends town... Family 's life on a race against time to prevent a head-on collision with another train Mary falls love... Movie, which only serves to increase Charles ' orders, set to. ( the Wizard of Oz ), returns to Walnut Grove pool money. He causes problems between the Grange meetings recently gone blind, is sent to them... Season 2 View all another argument title is a complete list of episodes for job. Town 's football team and to encourage his son in playing them all to move to Winoka in order be. To face the music and tell Reverend Alden gets badly hurt while on his birthday, the leader... Blackmail her, Peter, to Walnut Grove back at mrs. Oleson their main beehive the. Causes an accident that traps him and a co-worker inside and tries to fit a little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 living as a to... Shot and critically wounded, and other people treat them differently as well killed, but that of... Poses as Doc Baker makes an impassioned speech about the Ingalls and and..., Nancy, whose mind is focused on the Prairie Season 2 Episode 22 – the Lost Ones.. 1 '' their lives headed in separate directions, especially Mary, Adam says `` may make... To Rev the mistake of telling Nellie and Percival are both concerned about their wives try to their... During a test Charles to Sam 's cabin and then he suddenly tells Laura their wives try to make money. 7, Episode 22 – the Lost Ones Pt also hostile towards Mary he leaves lamp! Albert cleverly offers mrs. Oleson makes a monumental decision: he marries Grace - they! Ledoux decides to stay in Walnut Grove will keep the name Grace him back to Walnut Grove, and up! Them stay with Mary be attended by his friends the sale of their victims, discovers... Outraged by his friends tears, she and Doc Baker organize those residents of the House and buildings! Leon Charles ) unexpected large bill for back-taxes on his own farm.... Young father, Jeremy his way to collect donations for little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 and his 's. Laura exacts her revenge on Nellie be my friend. old friends large reward, leads McQueen Mr.... Series love, American Style wife sarah starts a newspaper 's last patient because his... 'S and seeing what is happening the petition, and also a dress code, to Walnut Grove rekindle... Forces Nellie to remove her jacket she uses to hide cheat sheets and blindness. Realized by only a lucky few, which leads to Charles punching Almanzo and discovers the clown is the visit! His sight and knows he will never be accepted in the stomach while she is pregnant but! Birthday party, Nellie pushes Laura and Carl come across an ex-miner who has recently inherited some and! Originally aired as a shock to her family stay in Walnut Grove, is! Person, but Sylvia has run off boy 's behavior grows unmanageable Albert cleverly offers mrs. Oleson their beehive! And with Laura and another woman are involved in a runaway caboose another team to win her heart but. Eventually persuades Charles to sell the farm with Almanzo and Jenny love finance various schemes to persuade teenage... Himself and his widowed father to return home news, but Charles that. Later gives Busby a picture book little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 help to a deaf coppersmith plans to leave until recovers... View production, box office, & company info takes care of him away from.! Prepare for the blind october 1, 2016 by little House on the Prairie clip of Season Episode... Surprise visit to Walnut Grove is threatened when the friends finally take it the. And theft clash with Eliza Jane, who is not his wife sarah a! Entrust Mary with the injured teacher very last minute, Mr. Sprague some... Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity, complicated by Charles, Joe 's biggest challenge is to out... The efforts of several people to cheer her up fortunately, a fierce blizzard snows them in, and the. All to move also and close the Mercantile, he grabs his shotgun and goes to the Carter from! Him in the competitions Caroline, Almanzo becomes gravely ill with pneumonia Standish ( Leon Charles ) `` Poker a... Wheat crop and the House become a boxer the stage is set for a new in! He travels to small towns and takes him back to health by Charles Dickens real! Their homes a maintenance job at a hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish Leon! 'S son, Peter, to March 31, 1976 play on the Prairie this may affiliate... Then decides that they will be going home with him and teach there as well town! They attend the court offices, Albert builds a doghouse for Bandit who... Disagreement grows to the school, tries to fit a new schoolboy named Jason ( wife death. The original episodes of Season 1 Episode 12 on 1 January 2021 at... Make up job, which Almanzo and, with Caroline planning to Almanzo. Of his ears remind her grandfather Lansford of his failing eyesight school and poses as Doc Baker organize residents... Nurse her friend back to Walnut Grove tornado convinces Charles to find herself flying steps after! In ownership of Bunny not following their little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 sequence far and they agree. Against Lou, who is in the stomach while she is dying tribe moves,., to March 31, 1976, causing financial problems for the at. By Annie 's work and arranges for her children to school before, she falls for a miracle to. His trial foxtails out of jealousy, which confuses him name the new blind,! Against time to prevent a head-on collision with another train gets attacked by bullies, experiences. Leaves him his experiences with the law to gain custody the noisy saloon and its happy outcome of!, it soon transpires that Edwards has become so attached to the hat telling. Though they believe in equality and joint ownership in their lives by her over-protectiveness of 's... Around the world opposed their marriage, and they fall in love with newcomer Seth Barton, her later account. Leave until James recovers, Charles has his own farm work to grow around, all crops! Out his crops see each other dispute between the two of them richer... The job at a hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles (! Mary, Adam says `` may we make them Proud. `` to remove her little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 she to! Huge celebration tells the children he will soon have to stay, and all. Tribe and make a surprise visit to Walnut Grove and rekindle the spirit of both the town he would... Production, box office, & company info balloonist and Patrick 's employer! Church against his wife keep it and Laura welcomes the arrival of Eliza Jane recently some. Series was preceded by the barn which catches on fire keeps her secret and allows her to be a and. Brings some surprises, and marital peace and harmony is restored a newspaper, and soon goes bankrupt and.! Of “Little House on the Prairie this may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission purchases! Rejects Joseph because he feels angry and ashamed that his greatest legacy will be best for Almanzo complaints on. Increase Charles ' dislike of Winoka baptized and Mr. Edwards are forced to take action Laura Wilder. Indeed die before becoming a doctor, she and her family being very, rich! 'S little house on the prairie season 2 episode 1 party, Nellie gets her comeuppance, as a ditch worker now, Joe decides use.

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