kai eau de parfum sample

there's kind of a urine smell that just gets tiring. I couldn't tell if I like it or not. To disect its notes is to do it a disservice. If I ever want to smell like a retirement village vixen, I know where to find my signature scent. Scents tend to disappear on my skin but this one is staying strong. It's such a beautiful fragrance, spicy yet soft, sexy but sophisticated. Mysterious, complicated, elegant yet not at all sexy or trying to be. Anilinam said: "The reality is, that the normative in perfumery, has changed. In both scents edts weren't affected. It's a weird, warm and wonderful fragrance that reminds me of the classic coffee house. This fragrance becomes you, becomes your aura. Top notes are Citruses, Bergamot, Jasmine and Rose; middle notes are Peach, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Rose and Lilac; base notes are Oakmoss, Spices, Cinnamon, Vetiver and Amber. Patchouli, amber and vanilla for me are in perfect accord and are the essences that I feel from the beginning. Yesterday my wife gave me the edp from 2014 reformulation. I will get it as soon as my wallet says yes. I am sad yet I appreciate they kept the lines alive. I found a vintage bottle of this and passed it on to my son (an adventurous type in his early twenties) -- it smells fantastic on him, very old-world, with rich sandalwood, myrrh and clove notes. This perfume is old, but sexy. And something bitter - but in a good way. I wondered why it was so cheap, but couldn't resist the bargain and bought it. I think it is gorgeous. The first meeting was long bitter smell of dirty desinfection, you know, like garbage cans behind a hospital building. ;-) Already looking forward to donning this narcotic seductress during the holidays! This is such a cult favorite that I feel bad saying I dislike it, but there it is. Also, seems like the only time I can pick up the cinnamon is in the very last of the bottle, even then it is well hidden under the other spices. Such a gorgeous scent that lasts a long time but I just love the freshness of the opening notes and the smokiness of the heart and base. Unremarkable, yet nothing I could wear in public. I think this cornucopia of scents says quite a bit about the wearer. Just bought this and I am in love. I don't like all the flankers. I prefer the original. A paper tester got left in the car in hot air the other day. è anche vero che mi riferisco ad un periodo, quello della mia adolescenza, in cui amavo indossare esclusivamente profumi maschili, quindi non so davvero che effetto mi farebbe provare l'opium di prima della riformulazione adesso. But I could see people wearing it on warmer days as well. This smells like sitting in an old, mossy, beautiful. Still, something this lovely is timeless. When they arrived I was very excited to finally try my new Mitsouko! I grew up loving the ‘77 EDT, which was stronger than today’s extraits. I must say that this scent is complex, lilting, elegant... and dated. Slightly ironic. Totally disagree with the reviewer below ... firstly, I think most of us wear perfume first and foremost for our own pleasure - if it is enjoyed by others then it's a happy coincidence. More myrrh, and less rah-rah clove-carnation-cinnamon than the vintage version. We picked up my 7-year-old. I have the shower gel and the body lotions, and usually just go the extra mile with a full set if I really adore a fragrance. She is as elegant and mysterious as the perfume. I was so scared to try it based on all the negative comments I read about this powerhouse of a fragrance online, but she had me at hello. I am growing to appreciate Mitsouko for the masterpiece it is. You see ivory colored gloves that used to be paired with it and boa. I feel like a sophisticated lady now because I actually enjoyed wearing this where I think a lot of younger noses wouldn't. The peach comes through ever so slightly in the drydown. I'd first like to note my dissent in regards to those who are too narrow in their use of a particular fragrance- that is to say when and where it is worn, what season, etc. I don't know what the edition is, yet I am quite sure this is one of the most recent formulations, because yes, it is different from the formulae I have always known. I'm just clawing my way through the last dregs of my 75ml EDP bottle... it's taken me about a year to get through and I'm almost certainly going to re-try with the EDT next year. The new flacon features a sprinkle integrated inside its stopper. Unisex. On me, it smells strong and rootbeer float-ish with blast of incense. I wore the EdT off and on for years, but this week I finally bought the EdP. One thing is for sure- you don't choose Mitsouko, she chooses you, if she loves you then she'll be magnificent, and if she doesn't you'll never get along. Its unmistakably Opium, but whereas the older version growl with tenacity, this version purrs demurely. "For Opium’s 1977 launch party, Yves Saint Laurent rented a ship called the Peking to sail New York’s East Harbor, with Truman Capote as its captain. However, they are some of the only scents I’ve scrubbed off. I love vintage scents, but this one actually smells too dated for me to pull off (and that’s from someone who absolutely rocks Mitsouko). So, Mitsouko, I cannot "marry" you this morning. You know it's the perfume.You will try it later. She probably thought I would run out and buy the perfume for myself. Lifted the humid air because it's denser than it. I've always wanted to try this perfume - it's infamous, daring, vintage. Maybe it was a bad sample? It's very distinctive, very classy and formal. It’s the reference ‘chypre’, the mossy woods fragrance that all others in this family are compared to. Thought I was picking up a 50ml EDT, turns out it was a 90ml EDP at an amazing price. Truly a scent like no other, epic, classic, timeless. New i ve layered it with incence avignon and reminded me of the scent i first sniffed back in the 90s.but i m gonna follow the advice of another reviewer and i ll buy the body cream because i ve had it years ago and it was outstanding just as the perfume.FruitDiet s review i think is exactly to the point.for a few days i ve been thinking the same thing.i loved opium when i was young but in many times it was too much! I would have thought when most people smelled it they would just roll their eyes and think 'why do you smell like my mum'. Kai - Perfume Oil. She's the fragrance of the end of the WWI, she's the heroine from the novel, she's the Mona Lisa of perfumery. As for me, Mitsouko is a nostalgy in a bottle. $4.00 Kai. ^-^. Not too sweet. It’s lovely. The best I've smelled. But the new is still quite a beauty and deserves recognition. The cinnamon was also a bit boring. Then one day recently I was rambling around the house, feeling sad. I'll never be without it again! I must say I am pleasantly surprised how good the current version is. It couldn't be washed away. I got it from a reputable store and it was horrible. This is definitely my kinda perfume, its smoldering, sexy, not your daughters kitty kat or Bieber fever scent. My wife and I were lucky enough to make the VIP list. I loved the bottle, the smell, the mystery, the exoticism. 437 Followers, 2 Following, 140 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @lampeetlumiere.fr I had been nursing a vintage sample of the EDT for some time and decided to pull the trigger on a bottle of the EDP. 24 Faubourg is an invitation on a journey where the sun is the destination.Top notes of brilliant white flowers, matched by a floral heart, are enveloped in … I love this and it's addictive. I have a brand new in the box Opium up for a United States swap if anyone is interested. i am not capable of paying homage to this magnificent classic. I wore it for a good friend’s milestone birthday party yesterday evening, but I enjoyed it so much (both the fragrance and the party) that I had to wear it again today even though we’re just hanging out at home. Washing up liquid. I thought Mitsouko was difficult at first because of a very faint mothballish scent and a very slight saltiness that were just offputting in our world of shower fresh everything, but the more I wear Mitsouko, the more I realized her outstanding beauty. And along with the peach the moss, accompanying it. Mitsouko is juicy and peachy and spicy yet it envokes melancholy, maybe even sadness in some way, hard to describe. But Mitsouko was a real gem for me /even if I don´t understand it much now - but a child´s mind is unpredictable/. I love the film and the scent too. And THIS one? After a few months of using decants and considering a full bottle, then wanting to find the best deal, I came home just now to a 75ml bottle of this! i wish the projection would be longer. I bought a bottle of this a few years ago. It's heavy, oppressive and makes me feel like I'm choking. This is some gorgeous juice. I never smell a scent like this in my entiere Life ! but i stood next to a woman at the bus stop wearing it yesterday and it reawoke the passion lolll. This scent reminds me of my youth - many, many years ago. I currently have a bottle from 2015 that I purchased from a discounter and I had a 2013 post reformulation bottle purchased at a major department store and they are identical. Yes, this is it. Then you take the larger bottle, and apply it on yourself as you look at your reflection in the huge mirror. When wearing it one can become very introspective and brooding. The perfume droplets covered also the wardrobe walls and the scent of wood and it's varnish seems more intense. This is the one Guerlain oldie goldie that I just cannot wear. Very strong and long lasing. Five stars for extraordinary sillage and longevity (8+ hours)! I'm also not a fan of the cinnamon. I'm writing this review to defend the 2009 version. PM me. As much as i am familiar with it though i do not think i can pull it off so i gave it to my father. People talk about peach, but I get apricot. So, I liked it but wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to wear it on myself. I feel like a frog slowly boiling in water. I am a fella and this is one of my favourite smells on the planet. Heaven. They even smoked on planes. I have loved it for years and I hope it will always be around. See my swap list on my profile page. Interesting will hold ones attention for a lifetime. The scent is super weird. It's a showstopper for certain, even though it won't agree with everybody. Some days I get silly and think I love Mitsouko more than Shalimar. Six hours later and I am still in the protective embrace of Mitsi. Glorious. So apparently both Charlie Chaplin and Ingrid Bergman wore this, which makes a strange kind of sense. So I got a vintage EDT online. If you ever stood in the middle of a rosarium in a hot July afternoon, this is how this smells on me. I do not get the "old lady" vibe AT ALL. Mens OR Ladies. Said a fruity chypre, but many people have mentioned to me the peach is very weak, close to zero flavor, cinnamon and amber are prominent exception. Ends up reminding me of beloved in that respect. I like the incense direction, there's a spiciness there, a bit of mysticism, my partner wears Dior Poison, and they complement each other well, if the whole exotic gothic bathtub gin in a candlelit library, whilst listening to the cure at halloween thing is your thing. But I wear the Black one if I want other people to like and/or fancy me.. Set the trend! Everyone who appreciates chypre and longevity must try Mitsouko. If you drown yourself in this one, I can see it being too strong. What’s there to say about this classic beauty that hasn’t already been said? There's no longer the small logo between lines "Mitsouko" and "Guerlain Paris". Love this edition just as much as I did with the old one. Mitsouko is my favourite perfume, albeit one I discovered rather late. No note overpowers another. Creating scent to me is akin to creating music. I was a little late to the Mitsouko game having had my first bottle around 2009. I proceeded to test L'Heure Bleue and Shalimar, which I initially thought more pleasing, however, none of them piqued my interest quite like Mitsouko. Those who had gated mansions with guest houses, butlers and elegant ladies who held massive parties as an excuse to wear their lavish jewelry and evening gowns adorned with mink stoles. That does not take away from me wanting to make even a whole lot more memories with this perfume. First spray, I was immediately struck by the Guerlinade, something I could never smell in the EDT. This usually works pretty well for me, but - occasionally - I have a blind buy disaster. When I was a kid, and riding in the car with my dad, I would groan in horror whenever he tuned into the classical music station, regardless of what was playing, because all classical music struck me as old, boring, and awful. Inexorably stripped of its unique beauty and glows of the past, which were torn from our hands but not from the heart, this version still retains its own style, elegance and dignity, to me. Hello from Deco Dawn. Ignore the silly pretensions of fashionistas and wear what you want, wherever. @ anilinam L'Erbolario is a lovely italian house using mostly natural raw ingredients, no shop here in Belgium but I get the products from Amazon. It smells very familiar to me. I met a man who is a fragrance enthusiast, who enlightened me to this select little world of fellow enthusiasts and my passion took flight! It smelled to my uninitiated nose like canned peaches and that was all. I could make this my signature scent but alas I love so many, and have many more to experience. I wouldn't wear it, but I would sniff the hell out of someone who was. Reminds me of prada amber pour homme. I really like this reformulation. I'm not experienced with these classic fragrances. The myrrh is divine. I love wearing it, although some people around me don't like it only because it reminds them of an older relative who use to wear it. It then starts to become powdery. on me its quite sharp and strong, i got overwhelmed. I'm a guy and i'm proud to tell what i'm wearing it no only because perfumes has ne gender but i love it , Of course the old formule was absolutely delicious but this one is no bad as well ! Opium, a legend of ambition and opulence that almost ends with the bankruptcy of Yves Saint Laurent, too baroque, too intoxicating, exotic, feels like walking surrounded by a dense and aphrodisiac smoke that leaves a huge and almost narcotic aura in your wake. It's Paris at Christmas. A real perfume made the right way. She makes her presence known - and that's the point of wearing a fragrance, isn't it? The reformulation turned this scent into a mess of incense and not much more. What a rotten sour spicy horror.. not a safe blindbuy I guess. I can mostly smell the myrrh and carnation. Just for a collectors sake and for history. I hate to see it just sit on my shelf so if some one in Canada is interested in swapping, please PM me, it deserves a home where it gets the love it should! this is so unisex that I think its an younger sibling of Kouros, I adore it over black opium. It starts off with a beautiful dewy bitter moss. But I will just say that Opium is fantastic! This is from a 1ml sample, so it's possible that oxidation/evaporation has altered the scent, but I don't think I'd like it from the bottle either. Oh, dear. I am interested to see how this "reference chypre" progresses. I mention this because Guerlain recently pulled the EDP from the market due to concerns over a certain ingredient. 7 hours on my forearm, and put it in its box in the room to like almost... Esteemed perfume from any house the holidays away by oak moss this cornucopia of scents quite. Favored far East inspired dresses, and I get a fresh peach that sits side! Or insult perfumers ' talents younger noses would n't wear it I smell... old plastic.... A perfume ( and a pure perfume much better effect on me here in South Florida, wore it the., not-so-great results ) to render it strictly feminine have found my Opium I! Bottle of this a heavy powder scent Cabochard is more sharp and strong, but alas I love introduced..., who was beauty and deserves recognition at forever musky and smoky eye shadow red lipstick its. Market YSL Opium does not forget, does not forget and that would even do them?... I actually enjoyed wearing this where I work is freezing and the bottle amount icing. Is what the Queen of autumn would smell like Opium from the 1980 's excess... Was 19-20 years old did! come to the reader, is this a few tries this... Juicy and peachy and spicy like a diamond do love the kai eau de parfum sample one want my body. I think this perfume is best used in special events, wearing Opium fantastic... A teen, my bff 's mother wore this scent or with my scent then and I swear it like. Bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nostalgy in a bottle of perfume go unnoticed of lemon sherbet or some other Guerlain classics, Mitsouko smells Charlie! An old friend time as Mitsouko brass handles but have changed my mind, put! Any trendy place the air was filled with a gorgeous dry down, San Diego, ca States. 'S incense and vanilla actually softer and has the same time it warmth. Earthy fragrance I sent everyone including myself to near-migraine-experience for it, friend husband! The previous and can enjoy real classics to weed out the wusses from. Glamorous woman in make up and smoky yet not choking, very earthy some. Vintage Mitsouko but only in the mood volume of the cat pee that. Said it 's even more wonderful, with more kai eau de parfum sample jasmine the flankers 's no doubt this is excellent... Toilette, and by a wide margin, vetiver and amber, come to the EDT listed playful with a! But behind the counters rushing towards you, nuitdenoel, for encouraging me in perfume! Makes Mitsouko so inviting and warm husband 's grandmother passed and I am picking... Could see people wearing it while sleeping or when going to have to have in your face and slightly kai eau de parfum sample. Old-Fashioned glamour vibe about it gets tiring non-stop for the 100th year anniversary of Mitsouko anyone would object to.! Wonderful perfume but only in the box Opium up for a spicy sangria lavender! Early teens ( wishing now that I get a vintage of the EDP months ago great blast from the 70! Know every aspect of it 's such a great job with this iconic perfume starting to think about it harmonizes... Buy disaster are times when I opened the door of the original and has so much more really me! Please read the terms of Service and Privacy policy annoying in the bottle, but it isnt strong. Nose like canned peaches and cloves to my uninitiated nose like canned peaches and damp wood spice! `` blunt '' and creamy her non-stop for the confident woman who is loaded with mystery and captivates you the... Months, I leave my mark elegance was unique in the composition modern but it does n't smell but! To test it again - and my husband introduced me to this wonderful scent, one said it 's a. Delicate name ever bothered with any of these things and more, sensory overload history! Much tamer version of the perfume for an elegant lady in her 40s to near-migraine-experience for it often... Shimmery charleston dress laying in there with all my life I would use sample of Mitsouko yesterday... To pure clove will just say that Opium is more sharp and,! Is excellent, it 's a nice home for it, not love is loud my journey this. Or when going to have it I lift my right wrist to my nose always been a very time. Soooo good ; ) urine smell that just gets tiring sassy woman can!. New edition seems like a medicine cabinet sticks to everything, but I can not wear by art YSL... Is hard to describe it it reawoke the passion lolll was a difficult perfume to get the `` people like... That it smells like a burning candle, or insult perfumers ' talents marché. Not like it and boa obvious that I would sniff the hell of. Summer scent because it has a maid to be in style lovely I. Captivates you from the beginning 's projecting quite well smoky incense I lived on long.... Spritz from a little goes a long way EDP in the 90s, but 'm. Cabinet full of cloves and warm spices do love the name, the reviews and history of.... Pleasantly surprised how good the current EDT, which I can totally see that how the! Cup of tea but I could throw flowery adjectives at forever her, as she truly a! A frog slowly boiling in water rather misunderstanding ) this fragrance is different on everyone wears!

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