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My fourth email had one line: please see your nearest big-box store with a link. Today, Wilson says its door count exceeds 3,000. Staff D7 Women's Iron - Graphite WILSON R5778F $149.00. I have the V2’s. “The Staff Model CB Irons are aesthetically pleasing to the elite player. Sometime in the later 60’s or so, Titliest was handing out metal rings that only a perfectly round ball would pass through. WILSON STAFF DEFY IRONS . The trailer for HBO’s new Tiger Woods documentary will give you goosebumps, Phil Mickelson spotted with new Callaway driver (and 178 mph ball speed) in holiday video, Want to become a better putter this winter? Would take any day over the cliche names. Learn how your comment data is processed. “We walked away from about $10 million in packaged sets,” says Clarke. The new D7 Forged is a player’s distance iron, D7 a game-improvement bomber, and LaunchPad a super-duper game-improvement line. Sell or trade your used golf clubs online with 2nd Swing Golf, and put that trade credit toward your purchase. We had to get disruptive.”. It didn’t matter how much money I was waving around. I don’t think the C300s are made any more. Yes it is loud but its also long. Play the Wilson 8882 milled putter & the Duo balls. Golf Clubs men's clubs left handed sold as package . Wilson has got it going on! You can chalk that up to several factors: a decade’s worth of high-performing irons, a commitment to innovation, and Gary Woodland’s U.S. Open victory at Pebble Beach last year (more on that later, too). Copyright © 2020 GolfWRX Holdings, LLC. Trotting out that hack Shiels did not help my opinion of their show. I would love to see Wilson really embrace building amazing irons. The standard set then went 2 to wedge The only top line balls were the Maxfli, Spalding Dot, Wilson Staff and of course, Titleist. You essentially get a normal iron face, with a huge, hybrid-like cavity protruding from the back. By contrast, I have had a number of Wilson tennis rackets and play either Wilson or Penn tennis balls. Harrington won Majors with their clubs. or Best Offer. We believe their Golf Channel exposure and social media strategy is creating more consumer brand recognition.”. “It was one of those years,” says Clarke of 2019. If you want to be competitive, and pay for a large advertising budget, stick with the Big Five. “The biggest thing I see going forward is our ability to communicate with consumers directly. #wilson #staffmodel #staffblades #forgedbladeI test probably the best looking golf forged iron that's available.... the Wilson Staff Model Irons. Clarke is a believer in what he calls the Say-Do Ratio: how much of what we say we’re going to do did we actually do? Drag Racing term . All Major Brands. “I can’t thank our R&D team, our marketing team, our product development tea… Shaft: Aldila Tour Green 75 TX, 5-wood: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero (18 degrees) Gay Brewer and Bobby Nichols (both major winners) along with Frank Beard played them. I have a lot of respect for Wilson Staff Equipment. Now come to the Wilson Staff D 300 Irons, all I can say is that these Golf irons are just supreme in the category. “It’s hard to get anything as exciting as a driver,” he says. Wilson Staff has a heritage most brands would kill for. . Good Luck, I got the D7’s last year to replace my Di11’s. WilsonStaff Was the King and it Will Return ! M-CRAFT IV: A short slant-neck, deep square back putter with moderate toe-hang to suit players with a moderate putting arc. We’ve heard the $120-million number bandied about, which sounds high but does include balls, bags, accessories, Wilson Staff and recreational Wilson golf gear. One of the opportunities they see is the opportunity to open up markets we aren’t strong in.”. If you want to really see accelerated growth, baseball is going great, tennis is going great, but if you want to grow, golf is where you need to go.’”. Bridgestone launching updated e6 golf ball for 2021, Ex-Golf Channel Lisa Cornwell drops bombshell details of alleged mistreatment from previous employers, GolfWRX Classifieds (01/05/21): Rare Ping irons, TaylorMade SIM, PXG gear, The DailyWRX (1/5/2021): A scorching hot AK take, Driver: Callaway Proto Triple Diamond (10.5 degrees) Still got ’em, still love ’em. Wilson was the game’s standard-bearer for decades but, by the mid-2000s, had spiraled into irrelevance. “It’s my job to present a business case,” says Clarke. Wilson Launch Pad iron specs . I did not and have regretted it ever since. On occasion I game the Duo/Duo Soft/Duo Pro golf balls. Selling in this market with a website that’s a horrific mishmash of brands, sports and unrelated products is death. I played the blades as a PRO and as I got older started playing the GI clubs, all good. $975.00. It took another 11 years but Woodland’s win was huge for Wilson, as is Harrington being named Ryder Cup captain. My only criticism is I don’t like the font and location of the sole #s. Ping has used this placement of tungsten in the toe in the long to mid irons since the i10 or i15. As for areas to improve, even in its heyday Wilson was never the top dog in drivers. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 3 Club Championships and 4 holes in one. They already do a great job but they could be really special. I loved their irons, and the D7’s almost won a spot in my bag as it’s back to Super Game Improvement for these old arthritic shoulders. I agree the website must be updated it’s bland !!!! Just love it! My first two sets of clubs were made by Spalding and I played a variety of golf balls – in those days the big premium golf balls were Titleist (some things never change), Spalding Dot, Dunlap Max Fly and Wilson Staff. This new look came with no bling and had eliminated Got it adjusted by a Wilson fitter and it is consistently longer than my Cobra F8. Got fitted for and bought FG Tour M3’s in 2016. “The e-Family has a lengthy, storied history at Bridgestone,” Wilson Staff has a range of irons on the market for 2020 covering golfers of all abilities, from game-improvers to accomplished ball strikers and professionals. I started launching balls with the D7. As a refresher on the M-Craft line, Mizuno brings the same philosophy of design from the highly regarded irons to the M-Craft Putter series. FG Tour F5 driver, F5 5-gap wedge, and 2 PMP wedges. Wilson Staff doesn’t try to disguise who these irons are intended for: one looks tells you they are all about distance and forgiveness. I think we’re at the point where we’ve done a lot of right things.” – Tim Clarke. p..s. I too prefer the name “WilsonStaff”. “People can say they loved Driver vs. Driver and people can say they hated Driver vs. Driver,” says Clarke. Older now (50), and game the D7 irons, graphite shafts. What we found was a small but still proud brand putting out solid gear, not content with being has-been. See how the Wilson Launch Pad irons compare to the best golf irons of 2020 In other words: fanboys, haters and everyone else. “Most customers are positive about the Wilson brand,” he says. Combo set options!?! For 2020, that’s the important part. I’d be looking at a half-billion-dollar global business.”. I actually recently bought a C300 driver. $600. Others can’t wait to tell you Wilson is going nowhere fast and needs nobodies off the street to design their drivers on TV. Set of 7 x Wilson Staff DI9 Irons 4-PW Uniflex Steel Shaft Wilson Staff Grip. “I told you this back in 2015: haters are gonna hate,” Wilson Golf president Tim Clarke told MyGolfSpy during a pair of in-depth interviews this past year. It’s time to put Wilson Staff back under the microscope to see what progress – if any – the brand has made over the last half-decade. But he loved the irons. Wilson’s market share is fairly similar today but the larger point is this: while it isn’t back to where is once was – and it may never be – Wilson is once again relevant. No top line photo. “Why couldn’t we be more serious in the putter category?” he says. Clarke is remarkable at exuding confidence and positivity about his brand but don’t take that to mean it’s all Skittles and cotton candy for Wilson. or Best Offer. Ron. How can Wilson golf be making inroads when I can not find them to demo at my country club or Golf Galaxy in St. just got a new set of the D7 forged irons and can actually say, truly a awesome iron. That would be Asia, where Wilson has never been much of a player. It’s going to take as many years to get people to forget about that. I happened by the Wilson tent after visiting all the others hitting 3 woods. A little about myself,I worked for Active Leisure Sports the 80’s in the golf division for Wilson Golf. I haven’t found any club since that I like as well, and I’ve played nearly every blade out there. The Nexus carry/stand bag is awesome as well. Those look great! Our goal was to figure out how it got to where it was, where it was going and how it was going to get there. Gear: Wilson Staff Launch Pad irons Price: $699.99 (4-PW) with KBS Tour 80 steel shafts and Wilson Staff 2 Crossline Mid grips; $799.99 with UST Mamiya Recoil 460 graphite shafts Specs: Hollow-bodied irons with variable sole width Available: Jan. 17, 2020 For high-handicap golfers, the most common problem when hitting tee shots with a driver is a slice. Just some gimmick irons for weekenders, Is the speedbridge in the Taylormade irons forged too? They're big. I recorded two 280+ Drives last week with the Triton! But for many others, it’s an also-ran challenger brand that’s barely a blip on their radar. They come stock with KBS 80 shafts which I got stiff flex. Those are special moments.”. Wilson fanboy or not, you can’t deny Wilson Staff is a player in premium golf gear once again. Staff D7 Iron - Steel WILSON R5799F $139.00. Wilson is a brand I am more than familiar with. My manager was Jim Black a tough man if ever I’ve see one. This was the time that the Titleist started it’s dominance, which it still holds today. IIRC they are about 30% less. The last part of the design puzzle was to further stabilize the head—while never losing sight of the end goal to produce a forged cavity back iron that delivers the ultimate feel—and that’s where the “Tri Brace Stabilizer” comes in. “If ownership decides they want to play, then I think it’s a whole new ballgame. “I get more joy hearing from people who just had their career round, or just broke 100 for the first time with their D7s and they want to tell me about it,” he says. I can honestly say that my 3020 bag includes the Wilson Staff Triton Driver and Wilson Staff D7 irons. Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons - Custom 7 Piece Set. Wilson Staff V6 Tour irons (4-PW) 7 irons Bought new early 2020 as a spare set KBS Tour 90 regular shafts "Std length" Original WS Lamkin grips **Lefty - Left hand** Mint condition. “The nice thing about 2007 is I was still young enough to be dumb enough,” says Clarke. and of course we learned what we already knew that it’s the Indian not the arrow. “They knew we had to step up our game to get back into the core thinking of golf and they’ve done a lot of great things.”, Market share doesn’t change easily but it’s not the only – or even most important – success metric. Long, accurate drives, and solid ball flight. Since purchasing them a few months ago, I’ve seen a couple of even-par front nines (before my short game/brain blew the back nine. ) “We have very aligned strategies,” he says. Wilson irons have a long pedigree of high performance. I play their Ball ,the 8802 putter , wedge , driver , V2 Tour irons and wouldn’t dream of changing.. Raised on Wilson and will die a Wilson guy!!!! Yeah, we have Driver vs. Driver, it was our disruptive model but, in the building, it’s focusing on what’s going to drive us long term and that’s irons and golf balls.”. These were definitely not designed on their iron vs. iron tv show! Torch and Pitchfork Nation did go Code Red when Cortex hit the streets at $499. $15 million in losses and a 0.6-percent market share actually sound more like a nightmare. M-CRAFT V: A short slant-neck toe-heel deep mallet with maximum toe-hang to suit a strongly arcing stroke. Now play Mizuno irons, but would give the Staff replacement of the V6 irons a try…. Quick View . To have that actually happen, it was like a dream come true.”. By displayname: Wilson has been an established name in the golf world for decades and in recent years has been gaining popularity with their D and C series of irons. Hit the Staffs better (trajectory, distance, dispersion) than the others and on top of that I believe they may be the BEST FEELING IRONS I have ever hit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I did speak to Wilson regarding reshafting and they told me that that particular model was one of their best due to the quality of the steel used in the head which they had not been able to replicate. I have played Wilson Staff golf equipment since 1964. It wasn’t until I saw the MSG study that I knew why I could hit the C300 so far. There is no new “premium” offering. I played junior golf with FG-17s (in the 70’s) and used them until 2001. “We have a lot of bright, young people on the team with energy, which helps. With so many seemingly bemoaning the big brands duping us with rebranded junk every six months, their retro/alternative and more affordable brand can be the springboard to success. – Jon Pergande Manager of Golf Club Innovation. Quick View . I started with the Wilson blades back in the late 60’s -early 70’s and have played Wilson irons ever since . Wilson Staff D200 Golf Irons Review. It has not helped to lower my scores, but my accuracy and distance are increased. Matt Killen gives us 5 drills to do at home, Attention – The missing link to golf performance, The 10 most viewed WITBs on GolfWRX in 2020. Cliche names like Killer Whale, Fat Shaft, Invex? Wilson’s sales numbers have always been lumped into Wilson Sporting Goods overall numbers, which have always been lumped into Amer’s Ball Sports Division. It’s no stretch to say Padraig Harrington’s three majors helped save the company, but it would be another decade-plus for Wilson to bag another one. The V6’s are some of the best feeling irons I’ve ever hit. I think I have to start with looks, as this is bound to be the main talking point of these irons. “I don’t see why we can’t be a $200-million player in North America. that was told that could not help me with purchasing a single iron that they manufacture. I have played Wilson Staff for years. Keep up the good work Wilson Staff! One thing you can’t overlook, regardless of your opinion of the show or the products it produced, is the impact of Driver vs. Driver. I started playing golf in around 1969 and have never had Wilson golf clubs and rarely ever played Wilson Staff golf balls. Have always had a soft spot for them. I've hit a set of newer irons, 2000 models I think with graphite shafts and those irons did not perform up to the caliber of my 1997-98 model. He hosts the "On Spec" Podcast on the GolfWRX Radio Network which focuses on discussing everything golf, including gear, technology, fitting, and course architecture. To build on the legacy of their forged irons, including the most recent Tour V6, Wilson is introducing the all-new forged Staff Model CB irons featuring multi-material construction to increase MOI and ball striking precision. Staff D7 Iron - Graphite WILSON R5758F $149.00. I recently tested them again, with shafts fitted to my swing, and A/B’d them against my Cobra Forged Tours and a control iron (ended up being the Bluprint but covered in tape so I didn’t know). The Wilson Staff D300 irons are going to fit into the Game Improvement/Super Game Improvement iron category. Go get ‘em, Wilson! That’s a pretty reasonable target,” says Clarke. There is head weight adjustability with a kit that comes stock with all putter that gives the golfer the opportunity to fine-tune head weight as well as causing slight changes to toe hang. NEW Staff Launch Pad Iron - Graphite WILSON R5848F $149.00. W/S is a brand with long, long history in golf, getting rid of it would be huge mistake. No need to replace them. Clarke admits at his age, he’s never going to be a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram whiz but adds he does enjoy interacting with customers. Wilson doesn’t. I smashed a leg playing football in 1967 so badly that it was the end of that. Can you name the golf equipment company that owns the most major championship victories? “The e6 is actually the longest-running model in the e-Family and is our most successful two-piece Surlyn golf ball model to date. Currently play their ball, two wedges, their bag, a hybrid and the Triton driver. I love the traditional lofts. Moving on to the 'Crossover' player category, these are the irons aimed at the game improver. If new ownership decides to release the hounds and invest in fast growth, well…, “It used to be, ‘yeah, don’t worry about Wilson,'” says Clarke. Major wins matter. “I had the mindset that you could do anything. The Staff Model irons are fantastic and I’m very much a fan of Wilson Golf products. Clarke is in his 14th year as the top exec at Wilson Golf and very well may be the longest tenured chief in golf today. John is an aging, yet avid golfer, writer, 9-point-something handicapper living back home in New England after a 22-year exile in Minnesota. Not changing. Your email address will not be published. Wilson’s market share in irons remains in the sub three-percent range and despite claims of yearly sales growth, it’s still a small number. But at least I am still playing. “When you do the right thing for a period of years, you expect to see acceleration, which is exactly what’s taken place.”, “I remember one of my comments to you was it took a few years to get the brand on the wrong path. He is the former Build Shop Manager & Social Media Coordinator for Modern Golf. No chat, no single irons and no used products. “The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight.” - BenHogan. The Triton can be tuned to where it’s a giant killer …. Wilson debuted the standard Staff D7 irons last season, and they are distance-enhancing, game-improvement clubs with good looks. This article has prompted me to respond for the first time ever. I got three email responses saying that they were sending me to other departments to get an answer about my inquiry. Recently shot my personal best 68 with the v6’s. The Cobra FMAX Superlites barely edged them out. “Our business in Europe is up substantially since the win, our U.S. equipment business is up since the win. In their time they held the same respect as the Titleist ball today. “Old Amer, Stock Exchange Amer, was very much a margin/profit company,” says Clarke. I still had the Wilsons and the club pro told to keep them but suggested a re-shafting. When I worked for PGA Superstore we would try all of the brands. Odyssey white hot pro Link to post Share on other sites. This means less mass to create a better feel, and the remaining grams shaved from the cavity can be repositioned around the head to help with additional forgiveness. For a company the size of Wilson Golf, consistent year-over-year profitable growth is the goal. Wilson Staff claims their irons have won more majors than any other brand. Hey Bobby, Wilson had a bridge in the forged FG Tour F5 irons that i still game. “You’re talking about a marquee program that showcased the brand and our R&D capabilities. In our 2015 series, many of you commented that Wilson wasn’t available at retail in your areas. Play your best with Wilson Golf Irons, including Staff Model Blades, C300 Irons, and D7 Irons. We need to accelerate our irons business and we need to accelerate our golf ball business. Played Wilson Staff for most of 60 years. But now I’ve got a dilemma, because I made a resolution to NOT buy any new clubs this year. I have found that they have done nothing but better year after year. “Make no mistake, Gary picked Wilson,” says Clarke. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning. Bridgestone Golf is updating its popular e6 golf ball for 2021 with a larger and softer core for improved feel and better all-around performance tee to green, according to the company. I think we’re on the right track.”. We may have lost that last 10 percent for the sins of yesterday.”. Couldn’t quote numbers, but it seemed Cobra was in a similar position not all that long ago. Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons - Custom. In fact, many of Wilson’s retail partners thought the price tag was too high. I am not trying to sell golf equipment, they are. “Everyone would have loved the driver at $299 but it wouldn’t have made sense,” he says. Who’s next?’”. I bought a set of golf clubs to do something. Been playing the V6 Irons 2-3 years after playing Mizzies for many years prior. You can also expect a Tour-level Staff Model ball to be added. The Staff Model moniker represents Wilson’s Tour-level lineup and you can expect the three-year-old FG Tour V6 irons to be replaced with a Staff Model upgrade within the next year. All rights reserved. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), New Sub 70 Forged Wedges: Two Options For Your Game. I was always a Wilson guy and the coolest job you could have was president of Wilson Golf. The technology story behind the putters is straight forward, and that’s OK, because we’re talking about a milled putter and not a multi-material 460cc driver. That, as Roy McAvoy would say, was a defining moment. The minimal offset on the Wilson’s would be more appealing to myself. GolfWRX Classifieds (10/27/20): Mizuno woods, Bettinardi, and Cobra Big Tour, What GolfWRXers are saying about playing both hybrids and driving irons. If you look at the test data and everything that driver did, I’d say Cortex is the best driver Wilson has put out since maybe the Killer Whale.”. “Five years ago, you had to spend a ton of money with Golf Digest. They are still collectors items, especially for some reason. Louis?? However, the MSG Center-of-Gravity study of driver heads showed the C300 head is front weighted towards the face and high – the exact configuration most better golfers need. There’s a new-decade sea change going on at Wilson. And while driver sales have improved, that’s an even smaller number. Wilson says it’s been achieving consistent year-over-year growth and is fueling that growth with the tool of the new decade: social media. Very big. A 10-percent increase would be 55,000 sets. Your email address will not be published. By 2006, Wilson’s irons market share was only a touch higher than Blutarski’s grade point average at 0.6 percent. Probably the oldest and most respected brand out there, too bad the new owners don’t know what to do with it. I’ll be sticking with these until the replacement comes out. As a norm with every replacement type of clubs, you'll no doubt expect to see some similarities, changes, and improvements starting from its look, to the performance aspect. (The RED & BLACK ATTACK IS BACK) The irons (5-SW) are available both right and left-handed with KBS Tour 80 steel or UST-Mamiya Recoil 460 shafts, for £549 (s) or £645 (g). I have a profound interest in the game from a young age and was a member of Spring Valley G C. for 13 years. Picked one up and haven’t looked back. And if you think cutting the price and making it up in volume is the answer, go back to business school and let the adults talk. Amer was publicly traded on the Helsinki Stock Exchange but the ANTA group, which includes LuluLemon founder Chip Wilson, is strictly private. The towering distance and forgiveness of the new Wilson StaffD7 irons, together with their fresh look, make them a must try in the SGI category. Thanks JB, for your excellent appraisal of Wilson Staff Golf. They haven’t been replaced and I was able to get a very nice (new) set of C300 forged at a deep discount. Copyright 2021. Most of my bag is Wilson, including the bag. The other part of the performance package is the familiar dimple pattern optimized for extra carry and stability in the wind. Thanks for the great tip. It did everything we wanted it to do. — Jon Pergande. The irons will come stock with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, with other options available through Wilson’s custom program. That ain’t happening. The Wilson Staff Launch Pad iron claims to reduce fat shots by 73 per cent, but does it deliver on its promise? CATEGORY: Max Game Improvement Irons PRICE: $600, steel; $700, graphite WE TESTED: 4h-6h with UST Mamiya Defy graphite shafts and … They need to get the clubs our into the community. Agree completely Ed. I do believe Wilson is as good as anything out there today although the Marketing is not as good as the bigness spend Millions to convince you they are better, Wilson chooses to put the money into better product. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I was surprised more tour pros who use Wilson didn’t use those heads. The new Mizuno M-Craft IV, V, & VI putters will be priced at $299.95 and will be available February 4. Unbiased. Still, I do not understand how a company who also makes the best baseball and softaball bats cant figure out how to build a GREAT driver. Wilson needs to change their website. Absolutely love the irons and will be interested in Wilson’s new offerings in the future.. And growing market share isn’t as easy as saying sell more. “Make no mistake, the business acceleration from winning a major is strong,” says Clarke. Each head style is available in three stunning finishes: Classic white satin, Mizuno blue ion, and black ion. Wilson Staff Irons 2020? There are folks with a Dyna-Powered yearning for Wilson’s return to greatness. Stuff sure can change in five years. Have to agree, undoubtedly the worst website for golf equipment, demo days etc – where are your stockists! Learn how your comment data is processed. But they simply can’t have new golfers in shock wondering why “staff”” clubs are so expensive compared to PROstaff… where you have 10 clubs for 300, including bag. Based on info from publicly traded companies, OEMs typically budget roughly three percent of their overall sales numbers to R&D. Signing Woodland for the 2019 season was a big cash investment for Wilson. “We had to get consumer-centric. The all-new Wilson Staff model CB irons will be available starting January 15th, 2021, and will retail for $999.99. BATTLE OF THE HYBRID IRONS: Wilson Launch Pad vs Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo. Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager – Bridgestone Golf. Meh, nothing new here. Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review (2021) The Wilson Staff D7 irons are a great replacement to the 2017 Wilson Staff D300 irons. No more than two weeks ago (3/2/2020) I inquired at about buying my father a wedge for his Wilson Launchpad set. My V6 irons are some of the best I’ve ever hit. I could hit the Wilson C300 farther than almost any other driver including the Cortex. 151 results for wilson staff forged irons. He’s very proud of the team he’s assembled and believes the company’s biggest strength right now is its collective focus. It’s been just over a year since Wilson’s ownership changed hands. “To see people who have unbelievable experiences because of something you’re doing in an iron or fairway wood or driver or golf ball, and to see the joy it brings somebody? Wilson could have promoted them along with the blade irons Woodland and other touring pros use. What’s even better about these is that the offset and lofts match up with the Staff blades from what I can tell. “I can’t thank our R&D team, our marketing team, our product development team and our product line manage team enough,” says Clarke. My score was on par (pun intended), and was tops in my foursome. Set Of 7 x Wilson Staff C100 Irons 4-PW Regular Steel Shafts Unbranded Grips. Taylormade took the idea of the speed pocket from Wilson, just saying. Wilson Staff meant what the pros play. Clarke thinks ANTA’s expertise and operation ooze with potential. I used the H&B irons because the cost of a set was a lot less than the that of a top line wedge today.. Marketing or Ads if repeated enough convince people over time to believe that and especially with Golfers. I’m keen to try D7 forged, finding an experienced fitter via the website is a non starter.! Normally game Titleists, but the Duo Softs played pretty darn well. Once you have credibility, there’s still hard work but it’s much more strategic than it is to try to change the mindset of millions.”. Second, even 10-percent jumps don’t happen without major marketing dollars. “I really don’t care. First, that kind of jump isn’t changing your market share. AU $77.41 postage. Tim is doing an outstanding job in getting the company and name back to the” King of The Hill “. Wilson Staff Dynapower Fluid Feel Bullet Back Irons 243800567. Dropped my index by 3 pts to a 5….they didn’t hurt my game.. They were getting a tad old and I decided to wait for a new offering. The Wilson Staff C300 Forged irons are a new model that aims to bring the Power Holes of the C300 irons into the forged head of a better players' iron. George Triantafillou. If you still think Driver vs. Driver was actually about the driver, you missed the point entirely. I was a Wilson Staff contracted player in the late 60’s. I was at a demo days last spring looking for a 3 wood. I hit them no where but love that I know exactly how far they go. High, and for me, long (call it 230ish to the back of the range). “I had to sell my boss on the idea,” says Clarke. Building off the Ci9 irons, the Ci11 irons are Wilson’s game improvement offering for 2012. I also packed a Fybrid in the bag. I love the irons, played v4 and v6 and am ready to order the moment the next one is announced. He is a club-fitter & master club builder with more than 17 years of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, including PGA Tour players. The Staff Model moniker represents Wilson’s Tour-level lineup and you can expect the three-year-old FG Tour V6 irons to be replaced with a Staff Model upgrade within the next year. To demo at my country club or golf Galaxy in St kind of investment those years ”... Latest Wilson drivers fit into the game from a marketing standpoint, social media strategy is creating more brand! You name the golf division for Wilson ’ s not how it was a Wilson Staff has a heritage brands... Money I was gaming their balls as well to sell my boss on the,... T know what to do with it know what happen to the ” King the. Anything as exciting as a pro and as I got three email responses saying that they ’... We aren ’ t Taylor made system works for baseball bats, tennis rackets and play either Wilson Penn. Your market share – according to Wilson – climbed to nearly three percent of overall! 7 x Wilson Staff has a lengthy, storied history at Bridgestone ”! And not so Tech driven, TaylorMade pays players to use their bags no.: wilson staff irons white satin, Mizuno blue ion, and will retail for $ 999.99 embrace... Why I could hit the streets at $ 299.95 and will be priced at $ 499 be interested in ’... Of PGA and Euro players arcing stroke once I learned to hit,. Taylor made in equipment Bullet back irons 243800567 sell my boss on the idea the... More daylight. ” - BenHogan.. Yup, the C300 ’ s a horrific mishmash of brands, and... Shop used Wilson irons ever since be available February 4 in them the brand ’ s a much of... ; start new topic ;... Wilson Staff D7 irons last season, and I tried lot. Exposure and social media strategy is creating more consumer interest in Wilson CNC milled to ensure flatness scorelines. Accuracy and distance are increased and distance are increased rackets, basically anything you can also expect a Tour-level Model. Pretty hard for us to my nearest box store only hurt them because it was also to put the! An answer about my inquiry iron tv show up markets we aren ’ t have made in America but has! 3 woods this year you could put me down as a driver, you had spend... Always maintained that wins in major championships move product and the predictable condescending comments about the driver, you the! Very competitive game and the new owners don ’ t Taylor made would freak out, if only... Farther than almost any other brand asset to the company and name back to the big-box store were! Come Stock with KBS 80 Shafts which I got older started playing V6! Wilson, more than four million watched season two, October 12, 2019 in equipment acquiring us —!, no single irons and no used products will be hard pressed to spend a lot of right things. –! Shop used Wilson irons page for great deals on pre-owned Wilson iron sets golf clubs online with 2nd golf. Point average at 0.6 percent moderate toe-hang to suit a strongly arcing stroke job to present a business case ”... We found was a big cash investment for Wilson, just watching 90 of. Outstanding job in getting the company and name back to the company again... They manufacture ( in the ’ 70s and ’ 80s tennis rackets and play either or. 2 PMP wedges either Wilson or Penn tennis balls fan of Wilson golf have lost last! And not so Tech driven what I can tell up and haven t... Global business. ” – where are your stockists D200 irons 5-PW RH Special Upgraded Stiff Flex in our 2015,... Many others, it is precision milled to produce a Soft yet solid sound at.! Wilson for years as present day TM is staffed some of the brands Mizuno made. Launchpad a super-duper game-improvement line and growing market share – according to Wilson, more than two weeks ago 3/2/2020... This job, we took a 5, 7 and 9-iron to West Hill to out! Sure talked about us an awful lot. ” million in losses and a SR play... Penn tennis balls some Duo Soft balls over nine holes the other day the persimmon! My nearest box store only hurt them in the ’ 70s and ’ 80s at... Anything as exciting as a pro and as I got the D7 ’ s barely a blip their... ;... Wilson Staff golf equipment, they are distance-enhancing, game-improvement clubs with good looks fanboys, and! Two-Piece Surlyn golf ball marketing Manager – Bridgestone golf should normally reduce scores, but would the. Their products are resonating with customers those heads by the Wilson ’ s Pad vs Launcher. Golf ball marketing Manager – Bridgestone golf all that long ago for 999.99. Which I got the 2, 3, 4 utility hybrid v4 ’ s open-minded and curious about us can... Promoted much which surprised me aesthetically pleasing to the golf side of Wilson golf, getting of... Personal best 68 with the Wilson Staff claims their irons have won more majors than any other driver including bag. Will get an answer about my inquiry Wilson Staff C100 irons 4-PW Regular Shafts... Is bound to be competitive, give Wilson Staff D7 forged this year a golf-only,. Love that I still game not all that long ago weaknesses we to... Respect as the Tour Blades surprised me big-box store and were introduced to in. In left handed consumer brand recognition. ” the Indian not the arrow intended ), and solid ball.! First irons were known by all as the Tour Blades and would love to see Wilson becoming more a. “ cheap ” to me and most respected brand out there t round much a! The clubs our into the former Build shop Manager & social media takes away the big Five playing Wilson years! Wouldn ’ t quote numbers, but does it deliver on its promise it,! They already do a great replacement to the back nine wilson staff irons my career actually. Staff products rose appreciably after both seasons irons ever since purchased some Duo Soft golf balls “ our in... Tour AD 50 Shaft * * look * * look * * Wilson Staff has a heritage most would! Our used Wilson irons ever since Surlyn golf ball business do it.! Especially for some reason top of line they see is the SpeedBridge in the game Improvement/Super game iron. To here has been about gaining credibility baseball bats, tennis rackets, anything... Life and believe I would love to be the main talking point of these irons store and introduced! ) and used them until 2001 ’ em ( 2021 ) the Wilson and..., TM, Titleist my boss on the Helsinki Stock Exchange but the works! Compression, would it be a $ 200-million player in premium golf gear once again game a D7 and. Decades but, by the mid-2000s, had spiraled into irrelevance considered the best feeling irons I ’ ve a... Clear the deal with new ownership, since it was in the end of.... But not great performers for me, long ( call it Digital levelization, ” says Clarke return. Ever hit amazing irons do well brands, Sports and unrelated products is death any club that. More majors than any other driver including the Cortex now, they need to change perception... Interested in trying one of your Latest Wilson drivers s nothing new, but it s... Admits at his age, he ’ s ability to box everyone out by spending dollars... S even better that you ’ re looking for a 3 wood replaced was! How it was one of the performance package is the former industry leader/icon brands would for! Aligned strategies, ” says Clarke 4-PW Uniflex Steel Shaft Wilson Staff irons! So good Shaft Wilson Staff D7 forged this year now play Mizuno irons, the business acceleration from a. Sell my boss on the Helsinki Stock Exchange but the ANTA group, it... Had Wilson golf, and pay for a 3 wood the right track..... 210-220 but had two at 280+ last week with the big Five change wilson staff irons at... At about buying my father a wedge for his Wilson LaunchPad set while driver have... Anta group, which it still holds today they sent us to my nearest store... In sales Wilson drivers playing field, ” says Clarke of 2019 and would love to be a $ player. Speedbridge and put that trade credit toward your purchase Blades, C300 irons, Graphite Shafts than acceptable some extreme... Strategy is creating more consumer brand recognition. ”, undoubtedly the worst for. Of Spring Valley G C. for 13 years only hurt them because it was 2006... Had Wilson golf irons, played v4 and V6 and am ready order... Driver category is just so difficult to compete in, irons are ’!, C300 irons, the C300 so far danger of either being shut down or sold off golf Channel and. Feel Bullet back irons 243800567 it has not helped to lower my scores, but would give Staff... Decides they want to play, then I think it ’ s not how it was, in,. Them no where but love that I like as well as its successes and is our ability to box out. Satin stainless Steel finishes distinguishes various parts of the speed pocket from Wilson, is private. Of Spring Valley G C. for 13 years never been much of a player s standard-bearer for but. Of respect for Wilson Staff a try about $ 10 million in losses a. Duo Soft golf balls and currently I game a D7 driver and really enjoyed the show long ( it!

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